Got A Job Making Goodnites!!

had an interview for the company who makes goodnites and they asked me have you ever worn goodnites before? I said yes there the best product ever made and i currently wear them at night. she was telling me about the company and then said when working at our company you can get goodnites for free and how many you use a night i said usually one sometimes two. she said we can get you a case of four packs with 27 in each will that work a month? yes the xl size i said. she began looking through job openings and said what you want to do i said anything. she said would you want to be a product tester? i said sure. she said we give you goodnites and you just have to do different activites in them and pay is $14.75/hr. I currently am writting this with a goodnite on. I work 12 hr days and just have to use there product and turn it in i pick up a case whenever i need to and turn in my diapers the next day of work in a bag labeled with time and activity and fluid drank. never thought i would ever get paid to pee in a goodnites. they asked if i dont mind if there girl or boy goodnites. i said they both work the same.
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You should see if you can get them to make larger sizes in both goodnites and diapers

Really? Wooow, that's great!
Can you tell them what you would change?
If you ever should have the possibility, then ask them if they could make them bigger, especially in the front and maybe they should hold a bit more, but if they would make them bigger I suppose they would hold more then.

In my place they are sold as 'drynites', I suppose they're made in a different place here in Europe. At the moment I have the problem that every diaper out of the last three packs I got tare in the left front. No exception, all of them tore in the left front after half a day of wearing them.
Did you or anybody else experience the same problem?

I really wish they were bigger and would hold more.

Peeing them with a h*rdon is a problem.
I wonder if they think teens still have small p*nises. But they are sold for teens up to 15yo and even 12yo boys have big c*cks when they are hard. They should think about that problem and change them.

yes thats the first thing i brought up to them and the older goodnites are better if you want to try one the these i can send you one or teo of them it just might take 1-2 weeks to get there.

I am 19yo and these ones slide right on no problems they are more durable soak up alot more i usually dont have one on for more then 6 hrs this one is from yesterday when i woke up so its been close to 30 hrs.

I like to wear them for as long as possible. first without peeing them, and then when I pee them I go on wearing them to bed at night. but usually they are already torn in the evening and if not they will be torn in the morning and my sheets and undies get wet then. I thought only one pack had that problem of taring, but the second and third were the same.
can you take pictures of the old ones and the new ones, maybe putting the new ones on the old ones, so that I can see what's the size difference?
How much bigger are they compared to the new ones and how much can they hold?
You easily can measure the amount they can take by putting them on the balance when they are full.

and what was the first thing you brought up, the c*ck size of teenagers whom they are made for or that they tare easily.
What did they say when you told them?
If they don't wanna change them, ask them why then they have product testers if they don't wanna hear about the results. Of course ask friendly, otherwise you might risk to lose that nice job.
Tell them that kids these days grow faster and bigger and that their c*cks are bigger at 12 than maybe 30 years ago.
Maybe I could send you some pics to prove it, but that would be illegal :-)
Imagine you would show them pics, haha.
How can we get them to believe, how can we prove them?
Which 12yo boy would go there and show them his hard c*ck?
Except of that kids are fatter than 30 years ago and so they also need bigger diapers, some of them even don't fit in them at 12 yo.

Where do you get the old ones, do they still have some of them?

i have told them all of those yhings and they said to offer you a diaper if you want one sent out if you want there the new depend real fit there really nice

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