Diaper Accident

I was alwase in diapers but I fowned out why wen I was 10 I looked like I was 5 but my mom toled me that I had a condition that dosn't alow my body to mature. when I asked her why I needed diapers  she then toled me a story about wen I was 4 they disited to give me surgery to try and cure my problem but it wasn't a siksess my body was weekend and I lost controle of my bowes and bladder so they had to keep me in diapers. it was the most embarising thing of my life I was 12 and still in diapers. one day we wer in the stor and I was next to my mom and serounded by peple I felt a BM and tried to holde it but it was no use I asked my mom if I colde run to the bathroom but she just smiled and terned away after about 4 secondes I started to poop in the diaper in the midle of the stor after I was done I started to pee but I was alredy stinking so it didn't mater it was the moste humiliating day of my life I looked around wondering what every one was thinking then my mom took me into the womens bathroom an changed me on the changing table in front of 3 other wimen I thot I was going to die but they just gigled and sed how cute I was and left. after that  I started to injoy it but it still didn't feel right. after a few years I was now 15 but still looked like a todler I stated to use my diaper without thinking and I even started acting like a baby so my mom started treating me like one my older close wer soled and my mom bot baby close my room became a nurshery and I became the famly baby. Its not as bad as you may think because I look so small no one can tell how old I rely am they all think I'm 4 or 5 and that I need to be in diapers wich I do now that I have apsalutly no controle of my bows or my blader but my disability has given me a great life my mom can even change me in publick and no one cares they coment on how cute I look some even ofer to help her and I love the attention my mom even leaves me with neabors and I let them change me they know my real age but they still treat me like a baby and never mention my real age. I am now 19 and I still lok like a todler and I'm still the family baby I even have a yunger/older sister she is 6 and pody trande I'm 19 and look and act yunger.

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