For Class

It's for a psychology class and due very soon. I have to get it together and then get others to add to it. She gave us that plus about 23 more questions to answer in a paper of 1750 words that she doesn't care about and won't grade but the law says it's part of the course. Thanks FLORIDA!

Also need to write a 15 page paper to get extra credit... I NEVER turn down the extra credit! Anyways, gonna try and finish it up today and turn it in for the weekend. Yeah me!

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I already have my urn! (that was done purely for sh**s and giggles) basketweave with shamrocks on it--LOL!

the coat... but only if it comes with jello and tapioca pudding!<br />
<br />
anewme~ go for it

Good luck! I think would be interestin "piece" to write! I think I might just give myself an assignment!

which would you prefer?

should be interesting... just depends on my mood when i write it i guess... she may be asking to meet me for drinks after wards. LMAO (or hiding behind my car w/ a white coat)

Your own obit? That is a very interesting psych class...

Buenos suarte, love. I always hated school for that reason...papers.