Television Series Looking For Tokophobic Women

Sirens Media is producing a telelvision series revolving around pregnancy. We are looking for a woman who is at least 7 months pregnant and is tokophobic (has a fear of pregnancy). Please contact us here at the Experience Project if you are interested in participating.
Thank you
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1 Response Apr 19, 2011

there is a big difference between being afraid of that and being a tokophob. a tokophobic person ether had a horrific experience or heard or witnessed one at a young age. for example i must of been at lest 8 when i saw a women on tv screaming in pain. when it was over she looked happy to see her baby but i didnt understand. why love something or even be ok with something when it caused you that much pain was going through my head. it stuck with me. I am afraid of feeling like an alien is invading my body, or feeling like its been violated. im afraid of the pain of coarse and being one of those women that get stuck delivering outside of the hospital. there are also many tokophobic women who want kids but are to afraid to have one. join me on twitter @tokophob and help spread awareness