He's Being Curious

He is not against the site, neither interested. He is just curious how I could be so deep into this EP stuff.
 And I'm having the same question again and again and explained what the site is all about, 
as if he's even interested knowing.

Just two months ago, he daringly asked " How can you be awake till 2am with a site like that? "
I always make it a point to leave my bedroom door open.
And startled to find while the room's light is out, the glares from my laptop shows that I'm still up.
I answered him expressionless " Well, it's just the same with those "Hentai" sites that you log in,
and makes you giggle like a devil in the middle of the night "
As he added " But at least there is something fun here with the pictures, those are just stories you'd never know which is true. " teasingly.
As I obligingly ended the topic. " Oh whatever. . . " then gave him a glimpse as he strides his way off to the narrow hallway
down to the kitchen hoping to find in the fridge for the last can of beer.
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4 Responses May 11, 2012

That's great that he's not intimidated by all the flirting that happens here. My wife would by no means demand that I never set my browser here again if she saw what I read and write. Good for you/him.

Well yes, we have an agreement not to be, with eachother's likes and dislikes.^^ It calls for more peace. Sorry that you have to be in secret about EP. But I'm sure you're having your great share of fun here teehee^^

"gave him a glimpse" of...? I would've taken advantage of that glimpse

And I wouldn't miss that, if it were from you. **wink**

Although it gives you a good platform to communicate, but i think it should not be done at the cost of health. Across the globe they say "HEALTH IS WEALTH"


Hey, I like a little Henti now and then. Can't compare to real people chatting, fibbing, pouring out truth.

LOL japanese hentai ?teehee^^