My partner knows about EP and he thinks its funny :-P
He knows about the jokes the drama stuff and the comments I get from people on here, some of them give him a right laugh, specially when someone calls me a prude or something like that LOL and he knows about the perves I fight off.

He does want to 'meet' one guy who is a real slimeball tho and have a 'chat' with him :-P

He doesnt know about any of the stuff people in my circle tell me in private tho, and he doesnt read my private messages :-)
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my husband was a little disturbed when he found out i write about our sex life.. but I let him read it and he was lik "Oh well thats not like what I thought it would be"

You didn't tell him about us, did you? Haha

Shhh lol thats a secret :-P