Coming Out.

I told my brother about my crossdressing back in the mid-70's because I found some other woman's clothes around the house that weren't mine. I figured he enjoyed it as well. I was living with him since I had loaned him the money for the down payment. One evening I put on a skirt and a blouse and went downstairs to watch television in the living room. He just sort of looked at me and grunted. I told him I wanted to dress like this and he grunted "whatever." After that I did dress up more often and would watch tv with him sometimes. He never admitted what I believed to be true.
I also told my ex, early in our marriage and she was disgusted and said she never wanted to see me dressed. She didn't. I recently joined TriEss, a support group for crossdressers. I went to my first meeting last week and met six new girlfriends. It was wonderful sitting there in my new red skirt suit and white ruffled blouse, matching red earings and shoes and a nice red purse. We chatted and shared our stories for six hours and I even drove home en femme. So there are now eight people who know and six have seen me dressed. Of course there are many more on EP who know my story and appreciate me. I have made a few real close friends already.
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Fabulous sweetie

thank you very much, just read your profile. I think you will like our group