I Have Not Told Anyone Yet I Was Caught

Is it me ?

It seems to be more acceptable to come out Gay than to confess to crossdressing.

I know my wife likes and supports gay individuals.

But is repulsed by my crossdressing. She found out last year when she discovered some pics on my computer and it was shortly there after she said she wanted a divorce.

At the time I was not aware of her discovery. It was when I was heading to court to finalise the divorce when she asked me to postpone the finalisation.That was only because she did not want to jeopardize her visa application.

We have not discussed the details of my dressing since. She does not really want to have anything to do with it.

There are more details and if anyone cares for more just ask..I will say we are trying to work it out..;-)
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Tell your wife that lots of men like T girls baby and for that matter find them more gentle and kind and submissive and soft than many Gentic girls DaddyC

An interesting conundrum...I don't understand this either...

I was caught by my brother, he was going through my room and found all my panties,bras, stockings,skirts, well everything. He was shocked and I was embarrassed. He asked why I had all these clothes and I lied and said I just collected them. I'm pretty sure he put it together though cause he now isn't quite as open around me and will crack a gay joke here and there. He would have been the last person I would tell about my feminine side and my love for women's clothing.

what was he doing going through your stuff!?? I would have given him h*ll!

Guess what? He, like you, like me, like everyone on the planet, has SECRETS. Boundaries are healthy, and when someone rummages through our things, they violate our boundaries. Best thing is to just get it all out, and once you're done, wink at him, and say, by the way, your secret is safe with me. And absolutely REFUSE to tell him what you're referring to. It will drive him nuts, and you break his balls for breaking yours. What nerve!

Yes, secrets are for sharing for lovers and friends... but underwear is personal!! He needs to buy his own stuff. Cross-dressing alone is harmless, and most women in relationships eventually figure out...

There's probably more to it than what she says. The problem with any transgender behavior is that it threatens who your wife believes she is; she has no idea how to deal with that.

You're so right. Thing is with MY wife, she is a total knockout, with thick creamy baby lips, tall and statuesque, very voluptuous, dark features, and a tenor, sensual voice. How I could possibly come CLOSE to competing with that. You really said a mouthful, whoever you are. Great post.

I hope you do work it out with your wife!

I have recently been giving this some thought. By putting myself into the women's point of view.

If I were a woman I would want to be treat as such. I would not be a lesbian. Anymore than I would be a gay man.

Since my wife finally knows my little secret. I'm going to try to be a man for her in addition I'm going to try to be more interested her doing girly thing and try not be jealous. Also I'm going to try to influence her fashion to my taste.

Some of the things she does makes my eyes roll.So if i want to by womans clothes for me. I'll buy them to fit her.For me vicariously..;-)

Nice! Very smart.

Well try to get a sisters set one to fit her and one to fit you.

I wish I knew the answer. I do notice that it is mainly genetic females that seem more dissaproving then men. Is it because they might feel threatened by us? I don't know.

Some women see it as an attack on their sexuality and worth as a woman.