if you're one of the two of my best friends, you'll know i'm obsessed with GHB! ahhhh! and no it's not an initial, it's a ode for greasy hair boys! im obsesserd with skater boys with longish greasy hair! i don't really no why! one day we were driving to the YMCA and my best friends mom saw a license plate that said 6GHB399 it was hilarious! 6 greasy hair boys for $3.99. and so whenever we say there's a GHB we all start laughing because everyone around us is confused! another one of my favorites is whenever we see a *lut i always say CHLOE! or when a guy has *cough* i say CHLOE! because my best firend, her boyfirend, and his firend and me were watching a movie called chloe and this lady payed this prostite money to have an affair with her husband and so a lot of things happened that are not appropiate to put online. but it was HILARIOUS! goooooood times
LilPaleChild LilPaleChild
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I love friend codes! They are funny!