About Have Joke And Captoin 2

u know one day i go out with my friend i remember it was the last day of school and me and my friends went out to the zara coffe itwas fun. after we sit in the coffe my bestfriend with another girl  they say on caption about me itwas realy heardbreaken they toldd me look ur self look ur clothes and they really breakmy heart iknow the caption itwas joke but i was really angry iwent out and itold them bye iwill go home u gonna never see me again they really shoked after one oh my friends was falling me and told me please don't go just iknow itwas heardbreak joke but please don't go .after that isaid ok iwon't go just because of u when i went to coffe again my friends itmeans my bestfriend and another girl  they were sorry and i accept that because they are my frirnds 4 ever . iknow itwas joke and iknow imusn't do that and be angry but what i can do hhhhh and sometimes we have a joke but we must know too to not break our friends just for having fun or have joke or something like that.....


rroocckk rroocckk
13-15, F
Jul 26, 2010