Tonsil Poop

Hello fellow tonsil poop sufferers!

Just here to share my personal frustrations with the dreadful tonsil stone poop-breath.

I started noticing white bumps on the back of my tonsils as a teenager.  Curiosity got the best of me and I would get a toothpick and try to pry the little boogers out.  And when they did come out.....whoa!....the smell will just about knock you to the ground!!!  Nasty!  I was so embarrassed!  What was it???  I am sure I asked my mom at some point and she just told me that it was old food lodged in the crevices of my tonsils and that they are not uncommon or some freaky disease.  So I continued to regularly check my throat for these rancid smelling yellowy-white blobs.  I always called them tonsil-poop because they were coming out of my tonsils, smelling like poop.  I did NOT want my breath to smell that way.  However, they are actually just collections of food particles, bacteria and post-nasal mucous that gets lodged in the crevices of your tonsils.  The bacteria feeds on them creating some putrid odors and stinking up your mouth and breath. 

Eventually the poking and prodding was all that I could take.  Sometimes I would poke too hard and injure my tonsil making it bleed.  ouch!  Not too long after that I would get a bad cold/sore throat.  So my toothpicking-prodding days were over.  I discovered a much safer alternative - prying them out with my finger.   I just reach back in my throat, down the side of my throat - I learned quickly that if I let my finger touch my tongue that my gag reflex would get the best of me.  So I just mash around on my tonsils until the blog-thingy pops out.  I make sure to bend my head down so that it falls out of my mouth...if you ever have one to go down your throat and you taste it then you'll be sure to gag! 

Then when I got engaged and married I realized pretty quick that my husband has the dreaded tonsil stones too.  He has them worse than I do...for the fact that he's not so good at removing them.  He gags more than I do and he can not get the hang of using his finger.  He actually uses some kind of metal type wire thing he found somewhere (I am pretty sure he sterilized it at some point).  But his breath can be pretty nasty and poop smelling!!!  It's horrible!  Especially at night!!!!  If I wake up and he is breathing in my face I have to roll over the other way. 

I've googled tonsil stones and he's even talked to his doc about them.  There really is no convenient magic cure for them. Besides getting your tonsils removed but the risk outweighs the benefits.  From what I understand, having a strict dental hygiene routine everyday, using a strong mouthwash and drinking lots of water throughout the day will be the closest you can get to a cure.  But I'm not that disciplined. 

My hubs and I do try to laugh at it...when we go to a restaurant and order tea or water and they put lemon in it, we poke out the lemon seeds and say "eeeww! tonsil poop!" lol!  Lemon seeds look just like tonsil stones. 

Crappy tonsil crap!!! grrrrr!!!
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4 Responses Aug 16, 2011

Actually there really aren't all that many risks in getting your tonsils removed, the biggest one is the anesthesia, but other than that the surgery itself is pretty common and the recovery time is 1-3 weeks.

One thing both you and your husband could do is reduce or eliminate dairy, and treat all allergies

I also get tonsil stones, I can hook it of with my tounge, my nan told me that it smelt, I was temptet to have a tonsilectamy, but I have heared what can happen

Funny you end with lemon. Have your husband take a shot of fresh-squeezed lemon juice every morning for several weeks. (Avoid the teeth, the juice is corrosive.) The fresh-squeezed lemon juice is good both for the liver and for stopping the formation of tonsil stones. I learned it from my childhood physician and it worked for me.