I Have Tonsil Stones!!!

About six months ago my tonsils felt sore, so I asked my boyfriend to flash a flash light down my throat so I could look at them. I looked in my throat and noticed white bumps. I thought I had strep throat. As I moved around in my mouth, the bumps started to move and like suck back into my tonsils. So the picker that I am, I took a bobby pin and started poking around, and much to my surprise chunks started just pouring (not litterally) out of my tonsils. I, until just recently, didnt know what was going on. In reality I thought I had some crazy infection or cancer or something. I looked it up and found the answer. TONSIL STONES. People are saying its not a big deal, but there is no cure, and it can cause chronic halitosis. As of right now my breath is fine, but these stones are becoming more frequent, and my tonsils are becoming more porus, red and swollen. SHOULD I GET THEM REMOVED??? someone advise me PLEASE.
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The same thing happened to me and I didn't get them removed. I regret it to this day.

i had this problem too. i would cough up these stinky lumps frequently and even when they were'nt there, if i touched the crypt in my tonsils i could taste the gunk and smell it on my finger. i tried different types of mouthwash and even chinese medicine, which is expensive!! the only mouthwash i had'nt tried was listerine, (Listerine Total Care is what i use) so i gave it a go, and i hav'nt seen them since! i'll talk you through my routine: first i brush, then i use a tounge scraper--i dont know if this helps but i do it anyway--, then i use the mouthwash, but not just a quick rinse, i tip my head back and gargle for about a minute, you might have to do this in sets of 20 seconds so you can stop and breathe (about 10 secs in my case, i smoke). i do this three times a day and they hav'nt returned. i've heard all sorts of theories about how tonsil stones are formed and why some people get them, even an ebook on the subject priced at $70! all i know is that this has worked for me. i hope this helps.

Tonsil stones aren't a form of tonsilitis. There is no need to have your tonsils removed. Whenever you get one, do what I do. Just clear your throat, like deep down, almost like you're growling, then bring it up, spit it out, and go brush your teeth. Tonsil stones won't kill ya.

Take a look at "I form tonsilloliths". You will find a lot of information there.