I Am A Bookaholic!

I have a book shelf that is groaning under the strain. I have to go through the books every couple of months and be ruthless with what I throw out to charity. Trouble is, as I take the books I'm getting rid of to the charity shop, I can't help but buy more at the same time. As well as novels that I can't bear to part with, I have books on so many different subjects. There are lots of books on Christianity, the supernatural and angels, cookery books, alternative therapies and health care and nutrition, fashion and make-up tips, books about fostering and child care, British history as well as photography. I get many of the books from local fetes, car boot sales and charity shops. Most of the books are second hand but unfortunately, because of their age, they sometimes have a horrible smell to them. One of my tips is to put a used tumble dryer sheet in between the pages. It reuses the sheet, doesn't cause damage and next time you look at the book, the smell is gone. Another thing I do is use special birthday and anniversary cards as book marks, they make you smile and remember the person who sent them every time you open the book. Now you know my biggest weakness!
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2 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Ha ha, I can relate to that sooo much!!! I did open university and until recently still had all of the books. I was putting off throwing them out because they were part of my life and an achievement I am proud of. I kept making excuses thinking I would need them as reference books in the future but then my husband pointed out that anything I need to 'refer to' can be found on the internet. I had no excuses then! This has just occured to me, as a person who generally rejects everything that modern technology offers us, I've always been baffled at why I love the internet. It's just dawned on me, it's like having an entire library at you finger tips!

I think I actually enjoy holding a book in my hands though so E-books wouldn't be for me. Plus, I absolutely hate most modern technology, I'm surprised that I've taken to EP actually! What would be good for me would be to win a huge amount on the lottery so I could get a stately home with a library and one of those ladders that you move around the floor. A room devoted entirely to books, sounds very good to me!