I Have Or Had 11 Had To Give Them Up

I had a mom cat and her babies i took such great care of them, fed them played with them i even helped her give birth by tying the cord since she didnt know what to do. I have had them for 4 years and suddenly a neighbor turned me in not sure why. No one could see what i had and they were cared for and clean inside. I just took 4 to humane society due to health dept order. One on the way got so worked up he layed on his side i thought he was dead. To see this tore me apart i wanted to turn right back around and go home with them. Tomorrow i have to take 3 more. They are so much fun to have i never thought i would be able to handle it but i did. Sure they eat alot of food and require my love but they got that. People need to understand some dont take care and think they did. They went to the vet and got fixed so no more. I took care of them like my kids. I dont want people to judge me and say shes nuts you have no idea. Anyone who would know me and came to visit saw some beautiful well taken care of cats. They slept with me woke me up when they were hungry or just needed some lovin, sat on my lap and watched tv. We are trying to buy a house and i have kept some and they are going with... I will always love them and cross my fingers and hope for the best. I would have them still if i could.
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The humane society called and told me last night to pick up 4 of my cats or they would be killed. They are home and wont eat and dont get along with the others now. Even after that i still have to find homes for them and make them depressed all over again. Also i have to wait and see if 2 more might not make it there. I called everywhere and even placed an ad for two of them. Why why why

I took my last three to humane society today i think that is the worst thing to do if i had time i would of moved instead. How can someone say to me i cannot take care of them unless they see it. My house is clean my litter boxes were clean the pets were fed and went to the vet. Now i sit for very few and it is dead quiet in here and they follow me around.. how does one go from many and well loved to very few i am greatful for the ones i have. But feel bad for the ones who went away.. someone take care of them like i did and dont throw them away or hurt them please!!!