How Do You Get Over Letting Your Pets Go

I had my pets for 4 years and i thought i am deeply crushed when they went. I was forced to no that i could not take care of them just the fact the law says how many. My other ones i did keep are going through something where did they go and they cling even closer. It is quiet around here and i dislike it. I enjoyed the fun and the play always something going on and seeing them cuddle and clean each other so sweet. i cry when i see something they use to do or play with or think how i use to get woke up or how they enjoyed there food or just to see me. I need closer and that is hard.. They are better than people they care and love you and are there for you i have not met to many people who can say the same. I hate when you have to put a pet down too you second guess yourself why is life so hard... I want to go back and take everyone home but i cant. Someday we will be together again... My heart is broken
buster10 buster10
May 20, 2012