My Cats Came Back

Has anyone given up there pets for a shelter and they were so scared to be there that the place called and said you have until tonight to pick them up or we put them to sleep?? How can i let them do that but i cannot keep them that is why i gave them up in the first place. They came back like they saw the war wont eat and look terrible.. I was told to take a damp towel with my scent on it and rub it on them since my other pets hiss at them now they dont know who they are and they werent gone long. I called alot of places and everyone seems full what am i going to do?
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1 Response May 22, 2012

You are going to keep your cats. You don't say how old they are or how many you have but it can't be more than me. I have 24 cats (not my choice) and all of them are spayed and neutered. How did I end up with so many? I volunteered for a rescue group and the story begins there. Soon, I was helping to trap all the cats in my mobile home park to get them spayed and neutered. I worked with a local rescue group and they asked if I would foster the kittens. I said yes (my first mistake). One day, "ringworm" broke out among my little troupe. The rescue walked away from me. When the ringworm cleared (4 months), the kittens became cats. None of the rescues wanted cats, only kittens. Then, the park where I lived, closed down. People left there cats outside to fend for themselves. Me, being the ultimate rescuer that I am, took them in. Now I have 24 cats.<br />
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You can't possibly be in any worse situation than me. I am keeping them all since no rescue I know of wants adult cats. Now, to answer your question. Your cats were scared out of their minds! They probably got the scent of many different animals while being in that place. Your cats at home are reacting to that "new" scent. It will take patience and some time, but the situation will return to normal.<br />
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If you decide you still need to find homes for your cats, then do the responsible thing and do the adoptions yourself. Everyone always wants to "dump" their cats with a rescue. It is not right. Place an ad online or in the newspaper and check out every response you get. That means going to the home of the person wanting to adopt your cat. There are bad people out there who do bad things to animals. You will want to be involved in the adoption just like you would if it were a child. Go to their home to see the environment where your cat will be living. It may be better or worse than where they are now. Make sure all members of the family want to adopt. Never adopt to a someone who wants a pet for their child. All members of the family must want the cat. Good luck.