I Think Way Too Much to the Point of Insomnia

We all have our skeletons in u-haul storage. it used to be the closet but I think that is so 90's!! We want what we want when we want it. As I was growing up we had Atari. You were cool if you had a beeper, but the downside is that people thought you were a d*ug dealer. Today you have disrespectful children who believe that it is their 'right' to have a cell phone. To have a pair of timb's that if a scratch happens to get on them,another pair: mom or dad!!! BS I have made some whopper mistakes. For instance, saying ' I do ' in my 20's to a man I thought I loved, but we have 2 children together and HATE,oh you'd I have said disliked!!! We meet at the police station for drop-off and pick-up and we barely look at one another. I don't want this for my 9 and 7 year old but I don' think we can bury the hatchet and neither one of us wants to be in handcuff's being photographed and fingerprinted. Made the other stupid men mistakes when I was in my late teens to early 20's until I looked in the mirror talking to myself and saying" babe you are worth it" screw him. Turning the blind eye to the female intuition of cheating. NEVER again. Close to 40 and I know that I deserve the best,I don't mean material items. I' talking about love,respect, honesty and believe me, I could go on. common sense isn't very common. Sasha
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THANK YOU! Here in Philadelphia it is a little after 7am. I appreciate you taking the time to read something that I wrote and to give good feedback.<br />
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