An Interesting Invitation, [fantasy Is Magic]


I’m inviting you to ma$turbate on my wife.   Dodo is my lovely sexy wife, I’m inviting you to share her bed with me. As you are reading this, i have prepared my sleeping bed for you, tidy and neat blankets, some heating music in the background, and my wife right there on the bed wearing a white baby doll and hand tied to her back just for you.   Dodo is my lovely wife, she is that white meat you’d love to touch, she has a big beautiful round a$s and a rocking body, you’ll just love the blends of her body, she has a beautiful face with a daring smile and she knows that you are coming for her when she’s swinging her legs carelessly in the air showing her naked pu$sy.   You won’t be able to resist this ride, when you just decide to jump in the bed and firmly hold her from her waist; you are just in a hurry to slip your boxers out and insert your erect **** inside that wet *****.   As you enter her hole, she just realises how big it is, you see that smile on her face; she knows she’s having an O soon; you pose for a moment inside of her watching her body; those 38C boobs behind that piece of lingerie; you also notice that she’s giving a sexy agony face as she’s stretching her full legs to get more penetration when you just decide to slowly slip a bit outside her and she gives a sudden moan; she is very happy as she likes the way you both swing; a few seconds you know she’s having a quick ****** in that submissive position; she’s moaning happily. Now her right breast slipped out of the baby doll; moving freely on her body. You keep thrusting while she’s having the ******, you can feel your **** moving in that ***** easily and your strokes on her **** is keeping her high; her ***** is so wet that you can hear the sound of your thrust; Oops I think she’s just having another O, the girl is very happy giving alot of Aahs and closing her eyes in real pleasure. On That moment, you just decide to have another view; when you ask her to bend as a doggy; she asks you to untie her hands; you think it’s a good idea, and loosen that silk robe; she rubs her hand and just pushes you on your back; she says: “A **** like yours won’t be found every day” and just moves on top of you, she holds your shoulders to the bed as she just rides that **** in pleasure and starts sliding; she looks to your eyes and bites her  lip; you realise she a good rider; giving herself strokes in every inch inside her *****; she reaches to your face and kisses your neck; I know my girl is a talented *****; she couldn’t resist you when you pushed against her, you have the power and pushes; you have even bitten her nipples; as you catch her rocking boobs; you both *** together in the same time; my wife loves this alot.   After the war has stopped, you kiss her lips gently; and give her a smile and she drops beside you on her back, you cannot forget that you wanted to watch her *** in the doggy style so you ask her; she gives an excited smile and says “do you like me that much baby?” and turns quickly to show you a back view of her ***, she has red flashes on her *** and back that encourages you to spank her; she reacts in a playful moan; you put your hand on her *******; she bends more as to show you inside; you realise its a big ***; your hand is caressing her *** and giving little spanks every now and then you are having a look on her ***** you see its lips are still big and red; the view is so sexy when she starts to swing her *** like a ********; you can see her controlling her ***** lips and *** hole, your finger just stops at her *** hole; she just stops the motion and gives a little moan; you realise the different reaction when you start to massage her hole; her voice gets louder; you know you’ve just touched her magical spot; your penis is so erect that you’re up to **** her in the ***; she says “no, honey, i don’t like it”; you’re so horny that you get your **** inside her *****; she wasn’t expecting that quick reaction from you; she just gives up and put her face on the pillow; you start thrusting; and her buttocks keep waving; you like that view; you are holding her thighs; as her ***** is narrow; you feel your stomach hitting her ***; she is holding the blankets desperately and moaning; until she drops on her side on the bed; you quickly get behind her, raise her leg and give her a spoon position; you want to thrust; when she just takes your hand on her breast and asks you to go faster, you go faster as she is directing your hand on her breast; she turns her head when she’s talking to you “faster baby, faster”; you explode your load again inside her; she’s turned on as she starts to ******; you don’t stop thrusting as you want to give her that ******; she is moaning loud “Oh My god; Aaaah”, she’s moving her body with your thrusts. That was a good piece of ****.  she is very tired now; she feels jaded.   Me: Thank you stranger; I hope you enjoyed it.
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

WOW ... what a sexy story ... full of slippery action and even a bit of anal teasing ... luved it ... choke the chicken baby ;-)

Great story !!! I am as hard as steel and about 2 split my *** filled PLASTIC PANTIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!