I'm Scared.

I can pay for my hospital bills at age 19 but I would have to give up my shopaholic addiction, which is really one of those beautiful things that help me get through the day all together and keep me alive. And why the hell do I already have bills at such a young age? Haha I am Marie Antoinette. I have a few disorders that are so hard everyday (MDD, borderline anorexia, bi polar, anxiety ) However I do have about $10,000 I have to pay off for medical expenses and I own my dad $300 too. The reason I got all these medical expenses was because about half a year ago I was going to committee suicide, than I ended up be in a mental hospital for two weeks. <3 Yep the life. :)
Iwant2liv Iwant2liv
18-21, F
Sep 16, 2012