How Is It Possible To Have Too Many Panties?

I can't imagine having too many panties. I mean, it is like collecting stamps or baseball cards!
Mustanglisa54 Mustanglisa54
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2 Responses Sep 29, 2012

One can never have to many pairs of panties sweetie. I have about 100 or more. All colors , styles, some silky, some lacy, some I haven't worn in over a year. But I just can't seem to toss them, I love having them all.

I think most of us have similar feelings about our panties. Even after transition, panties are my favorite item of daily dress. I find that it is very easy to accumulate large quantities because every time I shop for any item of clothing, my bags will always carry new panties home.

When I must throw out worn panties, I stress about it even though it is easily detected that they should be discarded. Usually, I will cleanse my lingerie cabinet of about 15 to 20 pair every 3 months. The hardest part is that the ones most damaged are of course my favorite to wear. Makes sense, no?

Even though I do this, I will still keep 50 or 60 pair in reserve. I like to have something to match every possible combination of clothing and mood so that I am coordinated properly and prepared for anything.


You are so right hon!!! kisses

I am the same!