I have a habit of alway buying more panties no matter how many i have i think i have every style and color yet i almost everytime i go to the store i pick up another one lol

luckyliz luckyliz
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8 Responses Dec 14, 2008

Panties are really fun to buy and fun to wear! They can brighten your day!

Well, if you have too many and would like to get rid of a pair or two, let me know. I'm over in Afghanistan right now and would love to smell the sweet scent of a woman.

I used to have a girlfreind years ago who like yourself could not resist buying panties even told me she had a thing about buing panties.She dident no I liked to wear panties myself I still feel I wasted an opertunity of a liftime.I did get to look in here panty draw quite alot with out here nowing.

Panties are my happy treasures. I love collecting all types. They fill my treasure chest. Nener, never, never too many!

It is a great disease to have, especially when you have a wife that helps you purchase what she likes also, so we gotta buy in pairs

It is a great "disease" isn't it !!

never can get enough panties in colors, prints and lace like i want. some colors is hard to find

I do that with sox. But there all white.