My Head Is Spinnin'

I am trying to get healthy to help deal with my illnesses, I started to do more exercise, I need to cut out sweet treats, fatty, processed, vitamin A rich food(dairy and eggs) & Wheat which means I'm going to have to learn a whole new repertoire.
I want to Spend more time with my 2 wonderful children and support them with their school work
I'm about to Start a course on line,
I'd like to Learn to use royal icing and fondant for cake and use the chocolate making equipment that I was given 4 months ago, and start to teach myself to play guitar again(which I have been to busy for.)
I would love to Draw more, Paint more & write more, Make new friends, go out on dates with my sexy husband, plan a holiday
& I just must Keep on top of the daily house work, Plant up my veg patch Tile my bathrooms, and really get my 1 year old business of the ground.

I'm rattled and I feel like i'm setting myself up for familiar disappointment I am going to write a list and schedule these things and my main aim is to be realistic. What is the best way Big things first or small things first?
ellissia ellissia
26-30, F
2 Responses May 13, 2012

Oh and i am also weening myself off of smoking which has been bringing some strong anxiety.

I have fully quit smoking

If I work hard now and put off the things that I like will I find time for these fun and enriching things later?