Sentimentally Yours

Every nostagic,card and letter,that makes me remember.....the magic moments of life....That's me! I want to keep all those memories on paper...and in my heart forever! To me,that is a sacred treasure box,that summons up the very faces,smiles of the people,whom you have loved,cared for,and visa,verse! Especially....all the dear letter's,gifts,my mother gave to me! This is my greatest box! But I am learning to let some of that stuff go.....and keep fewer things.This applies of course to my belongings too! My mother always,taught my sister's and I,to give to other's.She certainly demonstrated that beautifully,when she was alive! So....again,I am currently,working through all my give away,and bless other's with!
singerofsongs singerofsongs
41-45, F
Jan 13, 2013