I need help I can't find a girl that likes me and I mange to suppres. My tics really well and you would only really know if someone told you and well I think the girls I try to get close with always end up finding out and this is why they stop speaking to me I mean I am not the most attractive guy or the slimiest but I feel like I have so much more to offer to some girls than the guys there chasing it just makes me feel useless and unwanted
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Don't worry ;) My boyfriend also has tourette syndrome, and I am madly in love with him because he's the best person I've ever met. I don't care about his body or face, he's handsome for me though he's not the most attractive boy for other people. His sweet, tender and humble personality makes him beautiful. We all are human, and we have things that we'd love to change, but if the other person loves us with our virtues and flaws, that's the special person for us. I'm sure you'll finally get that special girl that will love the things you hate of yourself ;D

I can Completley understand where your coming from, I also suffer from it. It holds me back from certain things and idk when or if I'll ever be 100% comfortable with it, but I do notice as I get older I accept it more. And I can promise you for a fact, one day your gonna find a girl that will care less. All this means is that the right one hasn't come along yet. It's hard for people to accept things that they don't understand. Just be patient

Ye I'm just hoping it sooner rather than later because well everyone normaly goes to collage / uni at my age and meet new people but I have been in full time employment since 16 and I just don't see when I will get the opportunity to meet someone

I understand what you mean but a lot of the times u can meet someone when you least expect it. I think the biggest challenge in having Tourette's is to own it and to be comfortable with it. I'm slowly but surely getting to that stage now but I'm always going to have my moments. But remember confidence is key. And like I said, guaranteed you will find that special person when ur not even looking for her

Ye but I'm not sure I will get that chance for a while I work as a builder in a small company so not like I'm in an office and meet new people so I'm not sure when or how it's going to happen

We'll just keep your head up, the time will come eventually

Yea I know just have to wait a while longer

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I had a crush on a guy with Tourette's for 2 years! I noticed his tics when I first met him but as I got to know him I forgot all about it. The only thing I ever saw was how kind and sweet he was to everyone. He was very funny and open about his tics, at the time I had no idea what Tourette's was and he was happy to explain and was really cool about it. After that it was no big deal. When someone falls in love with you they fall in love with ALL of you. You just need to find the right girl who would be understanding and compassionate. There is truly someone for everyone! Don't stress yourself out over some silly girls who are chasing after dumb boys. You just need to worry about yourself and make sure you're the best person you can be, so when the right girl comes along you're ready for her.

Thank you this has really helped I was starting to think there was no one out there for me

If only there were more girls like you my age all girls my age seem to care about is there social status and wouldn't be seen dead with someone like me haha I think I more looking for a women rather than a girl it's just there so hard to find

I think you're going after the wrong girls. I have so many kind and sweet friends that would definitely go out with a nice guy regardless of if he had Tourette's. But I also know girls who are as you said too concerned about social status and what others think to reach out. I don't see why you would want to date a girl like that. A relationship should be about you and the other person, it doesn't have room for other people's opinions. You need a girl that is self assured from the start because if she's not you'll have problems in the relationship father along the way.

Ye biting don't know any girls like that that's the most frustrating thing ever for me 😞
Well until I meet the right girl it will just be me my bike and surfboard 😜

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