I Think I Know What the Problem Is

Honestly I am sooo over the coughing particularly when I lay down.  I am having zippo sleep and am exhausted.  When I cannot sleep I get on the net and try and find out whats the matter with me.  I think I finally know what my problem is its Tracheal Stenosis.  I have to see a Respiratory Specialist the end of April but I am at the end of my rope well tonight anyway I am fed up to the eye balls!

I found a whole heap of information on this disorder and you that Ahhh moment you get when something just gels? Thats what happened to me when I read the symptoms and did a little test on myself.  So what now? Back to the regular doctor until I can get into the specialist.  I was diagnosed with Asthma and put on the meds for this however I said at the time to the doctor are you sure I have a wheeze in my lungs? Yep he said funny I could swear it was coming from my throat.  I have tried every remedy known to man and then some to stop coughing and choking but nothing works.  Lets see I have tried Reflux meds, Asthma meds, Nasal irrigation, Cough meds both natural and the ones with Psuedoephedrine in them, honey and lemon, honey straight, nasal sprays, pain killers and the list goes on.  Now that I know there is not a damn thing I can do about this accquired Stenosis I shall be trying to knock myself out for the night with sleeping meds because sleep deprivation is torture.

Wonder if there are any other sufferers out there who want to share their stories?

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I am going through tis now, Hospital damaged throat and havre had two surgeries in 6 weeks. Another one cominjg up, I just hired a lawyer...WE sufferers need HELP

Were you intubated in the recent past? We went through the same thing with my daughter before they finally checked her out for Tracheal Stenosis. It can be very serious and you should try to get into the respiratory dr long before april. We went through many nights where she couldn't sleep for more than a couple hours and woke up gasping for air. Good luck to you!