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Hi Everyone,

One week ago I became a member of this group.  Luckily I was sitting with my husband.  He tells me I said that something was wrong, I was confused, and thought I was having a stroke.  "Take me to the hospital!"  Off we went.  Aside from asking repeatedly what hospital I was in, whether I have a stroke, and kept telling the staff about a medicine allergy,  my husband said I was open, compassionate, and caring with all who were there.  (I think he might have liked me better!)

Anyway, 4 hours later, I 'woke up' in a hospital bed.  After 24 hours, I remember everything except the event and a couple hours before it.  I stayed in the hospital for three days even though all tests were normal because of nausea and headaches.  Now I'm home and trying to come to terms with the event.  My mind feels like it has cotton in it, and every strange feeling in my head scares me.

How long do the physical symptoms last?  Also, has this experience changed anyone for the better?  I'd love to be more like the open compassionate person who was revealed during the episode.

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I like Bill's comment - I too am a worrier by nature and with therapy am realizing I always put others needs ahead of my own - even at great sacrifice to myself. I'm trying to learn to be less inclined to be a contortionist (if necessary) to meet my grown daughter's needs - I think they take me for granted because I've always been this way. Saving the world is not our job - and I have been spending more quiet time and journaling to discover more about myself....and why I have taken on this role. I have needs too, and never expect them to be met! (so they arent'). If nothing else, maybe the TGA's are causing us all to spend a little more time reflecting on the stresses and triggers in our lives and make positive, calming changes whenever possible. I wish you the very best. Mary

Hi Pam<br />
Good Friday was my TGA experience, as a lasting effect I feel very calm in my daily activities. Normally a very stressed type, hypertensive and general "worrier" . . . I now find I am calm and less inclined to "save the world"; I have also discovered it is OK to say "no" occasionally. I must say that five months down the track i feel much better in myself and my wife also comments that I have changed for the better. Also, I have never had any physical symptoms to "get over". <br />
Thanks Bill

Hi Kevin,<br />
Thanks for responding. TGA is quite an experience. Even my neurologist said it was very dramatic! But, one month later, I am feeling pretty good, and my anxiety has lessened. As a side benefit, I am generally calmer, and am doing more things to take care of myself.<br />
Good to hear that even after 2 events, life goes on - even positively.<br />
Thanks again, Pam

I had 2 episodes of TGA about 5 years apart, the last one happened about 15 motnhs ago. My blood pressure was normal the first time and very high the second time. I'm taking Altenolol (for high blood pressure) & Lovastin (for high cholestorol). Quite a few people with TGA are taking statin drugs for high cholesterol so some people think that it's one of the common thing that triggers TGA. Also I & my wife had sex the nights that I had TGA (another common factor). I was quite worry after the first TGA episode since I though it might related to some serious brain illnesses (doctors didn't know what happened to me the first time), but when it happened again, I was diagnosed with TGA and after spending a few days studied about TGA on various medical sites it was a big relief for me since TGA is not serious brain disease and so far there is no indication of long term negative effects. So I'm happy that it's not brain cancer but it's only TGA. <br />
I'm not concern much about it anymore and I'm moving forward positively, normally with my life.<br />
<br />
Don't worry about it. Be happy that it's only TGA.<br />
Kevin (54 years old)

Hi Pam<br />
Yes thats my aim in life now. <br />
I havce reduced my hours at work and trying to relax more.<br />
Thanks for your comments and I hope everything goes well for you <br />
Regards<br />

Hi Roy,<br />
My blood pressure usually runs pretty much like yours now - low normal. I can also relate to the pressure at work. My mind had been going a mile a minute for quite some time with no peaceful time. Sleep had not been good either. I really don't know if this was a random neurological event, or something that stress contributed to. But I do know that I am taking time during the day to be peaceful, relax, and be calm. Probably a good thing to do anyway.<br />
<br />
May as well use this as an opportunity to make some positive life changes that I should have done anyway. I know that's difficult to do - since this 'trauma' is an added stressor - but that's my present plan.<br />
<br />
Best, Pam

Hi Pam<br />
I too had this experience. Luckily mine only lasted a few hours.<br />
I have been desperately trying to think what could have been the cause.I was under a lot of pressure at work the week before.<br />
However I have been checking my blood pressure on a daily basis and have found that it is quite low. i,e 112 over 65. My doctor seems to think this is fine but I cannot help wondering if lack of blood to the brain is a likely cause. Doctors don't seem to be able to give much help on this subject.<br />
Regards<br />
Roy<br />
Has you BP been low do you know.?

Thank you so much, Ellsa. It's probably hard to go back into the memories after you have found normal again. Getting past 'the time' one week later was a relief for me. Somehow, that felt like a milestone. Now headaches, strange feelings in my head, etc. throw me back into an anxiety state, but it's so helpful to hear that with time that diminishes. <br />
I'm a psychotherapist, and I now understand post traumatic stress disorder much better - from the inside out. It's funny, the neuro docs are so pleased with the diagnosis. I'm sure they see much worse all the time. But we are left to deal with the continuing symptoms and our psychological reactions to them pretty much all on our own. Again, I'm so glad to have made contact with you.<br />
Thanks again. Pam

Hi Pam - thanks for sharing your story. I know for me this was the scariest thing that ever happened to me; but like any bad experience the anxiety does fade over time. I was completely freaked out for the first month - and kept testing myself to see if I remembered things from 5 minutes ago, just to make sure I was "OK". I had a bad, bad headache for about a month..Excedrine Migraine was my best friend for a while. I had severe migraine symptoms (aura) but no headache the two days before my event. I'm still wondering if they were connected - my neuro doc says "maybe"; but in reality, they don't know that much about what cuases TGA.<br />
<br />
The good news is I feel perfectly normal now (2 and half months later) and after them doing every test known to mankind, all of which were fine, I feel pretty good that it was a once in lifetime thing. Finding this forum helped, knowing others went through this strange experience and survived intact helped alot, as well as that I wasn't alone. I hope you find some comfort in talking about it with others too. The best news of all is that its pretty rare for a person to have a 2nd attack, so we really don't have much to worry about. Probably better odds that we'll get hit by lightning...Ok, didn't mean to scare you even more!<br />
<br />
take care,<br />