I've had three episodes with TGA and I'm only 16. I feel like my life is in the gutter now because I'm going to have them all my life. It started with depersonalization/derealization disorder, which was brought on my marijuana. Now, even having stopped smoking, TGA has overlapped it so I'm in an awful mental state that's making me terribly depressed. Being unable to remember things and having your perception change into some kind of out-of-body limbo is not a fun experience.
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Hi Raechel, I'm "lakefloydkid" and I'm now 70 and had what I thought was my first one ten days ago. When I think back, though, I remember that in college I lost a whole day and I never have known why. Now I know I had a TGA back then. Apparently they were first identified in 1956 and my episode was in 1958, so I'm sure nobody was familiar with them. My point is that I went 52 years without one, so maybe through research and taking really good care of yourself, it will be another 52 years for you, or never again! I hope so and I wish you the best. Do take the best care of yourself.

I left this message for Lakefloydkid, but thought it may be helpful to you as well:<br />
<br />
As I sit here writing to you, my wife of 27 is in the midst of an "episode". It's been about 3 hours so far... we're in our apartment in manhattan... she knows she can trust me, but does not know my name, her own name, where she is, where she is from, or even "what" she is, or even simple things like what air is... This time, it was triggered by an argument (nothing crazy, a typical marital spiff)... she's been irritable and emotional the past couple days, I should have known it was coming, I just keep hoping it is over and will never come back... she gets a headache, her head gets very heavy, her eyes get very dilated, she holds her head, seems to be having a breakdown, then suddenly she's just gone, she stares for a while, looks around very confused, after about 30 minutes starts to talk... I don't even think about going to an emergency room or mental hospital anymore, it just freaks her out, scares her, I just know I know how to handle the situation better than anyone else... She's been experiencing these episodes pretty frequently for the past five years, I don't even tell my friends and family when it happens anymore, no-one understands... several different things seem to bring them on, and sometimes they seem to come completely out of the blue, just walking down the street... The difficulties we've been through are indescribable. What I do know is that it is tied to her horrendous childhood and painful memories, in fact I believe this was initially brought on by "post traumatic stress syndrome" ... she had one particular incident which triggered a flood of memories she had blocked... I'm sure we've been through over 100 episodes, and it's horrible and frightening every time... but to your point, the psychological issues she suffers are definitely a catylist. I think it boils down to the way her brain is "wired", she just can't process difficulties the way other people can... don't know if this helps, but believe me it helps for me to talk about this just a little bit. Psychologists have been absolutely useless over the years... I think it is something with out cure, probably the best thing to do is to try come to terms with whatever is haunting you... easier said than done, I know... I wonder if it would be equally helpful for my wife to talk to someone like you as well... this is my first time reaching out to someone... I want to help her and perhaps I have insight that would be helpful to others... you (or anyone reading) can leave messages for me directly at transglobalamnesia@yahoo.com, best to you and all involved... James

Heya, no worries about the confidence part. It's happened more than often enough with me, and try having that happen in exams or working behind a bar. :P But yeah, you'll also get used to public spaces again. I was on anxiety meds for a while before... Well I got other better meds. *scratches back of head* And then you just kinda lessen the dosage till you're A,OK. I must say that it's weird, when I went in for checkups they told me that it's not suppose to happen to anyone under the age of 50. It's good to see that there's at least someone else that's under the quota. ^_^

Hello Raechel,<br />
<br />
It just happened to me Yesterday the first time and it was scary. I believe it was triggered by stranious excersize in my case. I have done some reading since, that is how I came to the conclusion. My memory came back gradually after about 2hrs.Things that happened a day before felt like they happened long ago at first. My wife called me to eat dinner but I was not iterested about food or enithing else I just wanted my memory back. I kept asking her what happend before and before that...? To day I went for an MRI and to morrow I go for ultrasound- just to be sure it is not something else as TGA. I feel fine and I am hopefull. It could be worse. I do not know if it helped any what I wrote, I wish You the best.<br />

Thank you for your input, Roy! It gives me hope that my confidence will return as well. I begin school in less than a week, so I'm quite worried. Public places make me very nervous about it because they're more unfamiliar. Nonetheless, I'm very happy to hear that you more or less overcame the experience and I'll remember that.

Hi Raechel<br />
I really feel for you. I had one episode about three months ago and like you was in the debths of dispair. I gave up my job and was scared to leave the house without having someone with me.<br />
Gradually confidence returns and I am now getting back into life. Unfortunately no one seems to know why TGA occurs but there is a lot of info on the internet. If you Google TRANSIENT GLOBAL AMNESIA a lot of info is available. I am in my 70s but at your age it must seem as though your world has ended. Try and be positive.<br />
I wish you the best of luck and hope things turn out better for you<br />
Regards<br />

Thank you very much for the support and advice, Pam. It's still new to me and I'm trying so hard to understand it. I'll look into meditation more and see if that helps.

Hi Raechel,<br />
So sorry for what you are going through. I only had one TGA a little over 2 weeks ago, and I know how scary it is. Anxiety and fear after having even one event is pretty common, and that can feel like another one is going to occur. It can be a frightening cycle.<br />
One good thing - you are young. Your brain is still growing. Do you know that mindfulness meditations and even psychodynamic psychotherapy can even change the brain to make it more healthy? It also really helps with anxiety. So I hope you are getting support for your emotions, too. Take care. Pam