A Bad Experience

I had my Transient Global Amnesia on the 29 Feb 2012, I had just finished the gym & went to the supermarket with my husband & kept telling him the shopping list was wrong over & over, he sat me down but I didn't stop saying the same thing so took me home, there I sat in the chair & started asking why was I dressed like I was, finally he called the Doctor's & they told him to call the Ambulance.

Emergence Room done a lot of different tests which I didn't know about, then it was decided I had TGA, After I come out of hospital I had an MRI it showed all clear but I knew I wasn't right, slowly I lost my confidence, couldn't stand to be near people, couldn't stand noise, then slowly I felt as if I was starting to die inside, I had no strength & was lethargic very slowly it seemed to be travelling down my body & started to weaken my mussels as I have always had trouble with sore mussels & lower bad back so decided to study the internet.

I had a WII machine, made myself do some yoga exercises, that was like doing it for the first time, my husband does yoga & he showed me some exercises to stretch my back I could only do a little at a time, then had Physio, massage each week now I'm having a course of Lymphatic Drainage Massage have just had my first one & I can not tell you how good I feel just hope it keeps up.

I hope this helps someone like the other testimonials  helped me.

katieorgan katieorgan
May 19, 2012