After An Emotionally Abusive Event

Three months ago, After an emotionally abusive episode by an alcoholic relative, I held in my hurt for two days, then had transient global amnesia. My son thought I was having a stroke and took me to the hospital, where I had an MRI, cat scan, stress test, etc. after about six hours I came out of it and stayed in the hospital overnight. I could not remember several hours before the onset.

I was discharged with no expectations of what would happen. For a month I was confused especially about time. Emotionally it was horrible. I took Xanax for anxiety attacks. I went to a therapist who specialized in trauma and it helped a lot. I am going to a counselor regularly, mostly for issues with the relative who caused this.

I just read about the long-term effects in Wikipedia. I know at times my brain is still not like it was. I cannot read as long as I used to. It is hard to focus. I sometimes cannot remember something and it is not the same forgetfulness as before. It is like there is a blank space, really hard to describe. When I have these feelings, I feel like crying.

Here is an example. I rarely write checks, but was paying for some wine, and the clerk said, "it's the 29th." I said, "yes, but what month is it?" I immediately started to cry. I went out and sat in the car awhile and when I started driving I came very close to getting in an accident, I was so upset.

This may heal and it might not, from what it says on Wikipedia. I am ok with it now. I want to avoid another episode, mostly because of the aftermath. I am studying French, doing Scrabble and crossword puzzles. I am away from the alcoholic relative. I am more able to watch series on Netflix rather than full-length movies. If this helps someone else, I will be very happy. Before this, amnesia was a joke in sitcoms and movies, but is has affected my life in many ways.
Tatumellie Tatumellie
May 25, 2012