I Lost January 6th 2013

My story is that I am a person who sufffers from migranes. I woke up with a migraine that day. I have recently started to exercise after a long time of not working out hard. The few days before, I had a great workout and was feeling great. My work is busy but I did not feel stressed with my life.
On Sunday, I woke up with the migraine, took some zomig and went back to sleep until the migraine passed. I got up and worked on my computer the next few hours feeling fine.
I went upstairs and my husband and I had sex. After he got up to take a shower, I went blank after that. I add this part in because from my research I see that intercourse can bring on TGA.
My husband said I took a hot bath and I do not remember this. He said I then asked him what time it was and asked the question "where am I" many times. He put me in the car and took me to the ER and I do not remember any of this or do I remember the cat scan. When I became alert, I had no idea of how I got the clothes on that I was wearing, yet my husband said I dressed myself.

Cat scan was clear. Blood tests were fine but my blood pressure was high and normally is low.

It is not 3 days after the event and I am feeling very tired and have a very heavy chest.

It is a scary feeling because I travel alone at times to rural parts of the world and I wonder if this will happen to me again. I am still feeling nervous because it has only been a few days.
I hope sharing this helps someone else. Thanks for this site.
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I had my first experience with TGA on 12/12/2012. Similar experience to yours, after sex.
Fatigue and depression afterwards (all those tests?) cat scan, ultra sound of front and back of head, eeg. I suspect valsalva maneuver (look it up) . Is your husband much heavier than you? One thing to remember, you did all the learned things properly (bathing, dressing) and that is how we act while "out". Except for repeating the same questions (because when they're answered, we can't remember the answer) we do the appropriate response in learned experience (stop at stop light), we act appropriately. The first thing I thought was "They're going to take my driver's license".
The technician assured me they wouldn't. Then, I decided that I would lessen some of my responsibilities so that I wouldn't be so tired. BUT, I also decided that I was not going to stop living. Put ICE(In Case of Emergency) after the names of family in your phone contacts, and a note by your driver's license containing any meds you're on. Go out with friends who make you laugh for a few days, then make short trips by yourself to regain your self confidence. Mayo Clinic says TGA's don't happen repeatedly. Take care of yourself, and enjoy life!

I lost 15 to 30 minutes on 1/22/13. I, too, have a history of migraine, although in my case it is almost certain that my headaches are/were caused by elevated ICP due to my Chiari malformation and arachnoid cyst. Since decompression surgery 20 years ago, I've have very few headaches, and I've never taken migraine meds.

Last Tuesday I was sitting at my computer when I dropped something on the floor. I got down to pick it up, and experienced a severe, throbbing headache, similar to the ones I got before the decompression surgery. I knelt upright for quite a while, keeping my head very still, waiting for the headache to subside. The next thing I knew, I was back at my desk, staring at my computer with no idea how I got there. I knew who I was etc. and that I was at work, but ad to look at the computer to see what day and time it was. I felt very confused and distressed, and called my husband to come take me to the ER. By the time he arrived 30 minutes later, my short term memory was back to normal. I'd also given myself a mini neuro exam and saw no signs of stroke (my biggest fear). My neurology was normal at the ER and a CT showed no signs of a brain bleed.

My biggest source of stress right now is worry that this will happen again because I, like you, spend weeks each year in very remote areas. Communication is by sat phone and transportation by small planes that can't fly when the weather is bad, and I'm doing strenuous things on these trips (e.g. backpacking). I don't want to have to give the trips up.

I'm also stressing over the dynamic vertebrobasilar arteriography my neurologist thinks I should have. Lots of radiation, invasive (femoral artery), and I'm seriously doubting they will see anything.

Anyway, best of luck making these hard choices yourself and know that you are not the only high-functioning person dealing with this syndrome!

Hi, I've had one too. Look up Mayo Clinic and since you're doing strenuous activities, "valsalva maneuver". They suspect that valsalva maneuver may cause TGA. Did you bend at the waist while sitting in your chair to pick up the item that dropped (lowering your head and compressing your stomach)? They don't know what the connection is, but migraines seem to be connected to TGA. God bless and try to relax, breathe deeply and meditate. Get another opinion if you're nervous about the test. Read up on it, and ask questions. If you don't get satisfactory answers get another doc.

I also lost Januray 6 2013 - home and tired all week. Trying to understand this episode.
Further testing next week.