Second Episode Of TGA After Spinning Class

Several years ago I was at the Y taking a Spinning class, remember the class ending, then the next thing I remember I was standing at my car with my keys in my hand! It scared me, I went back in and asked the lady at the desk if she'd seen me leave. I'd gotten off the bike, changed my shoes, gone to the locker room, etc. I had tests that were all negative, so was afraid to take a class again.

Well after joining a new gym in December, I decided to buy a watch that shows your heart rate and started Spinning classes again. No problem until today, when after the class I found myself at home with no memory of leaving the gym or driving home - a 15 minute drive. Thank goodness my husband was home. He told me later I complained I was confused, but took a shower, got dressed, and went to the ER with him. I don't remember any of that, lost about an hour and a half. Again CT and all test normal. No more Spinning for me. My mom had migraines, but I've only had visual migraines with auras. Glad to find this site.
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1 Response Feb 11, 2013

My neurologist wants me to have arteriography -- injection of a contrast agent into my vertebral arteries via a catheter inserted in my femoral (groin) artery using cine fluoroscopy, i.e. continuous X-rays -- to see if they are constricted or get pinched when I move my neck. Lack of oxygen to my hippocampus may have caused the TGA. I've only had one TGA episode so plan to postpone this invasive, somewhat risky test. Will probably go through with it if I experience TGA again. Meanwhile I am living life normally, with the same relatively high level of exercise and exertion as before the TGA. It was distressing but as time goes on and I feel perfectly normal, I figure it's just one more random thing that can happen -- no point living my life in constant fear. None of us get out of here alive, after all . . . but I think that if I'd had two TGA episodes after doing the same strenuous thing (spinning), I would probably find another form of exercise as well!