1st Round Of Tga

11-22-09, I awoke after 3 hrs of sleep. I was very tired but decided to get up and start my day. Made breakfast, cleaned kitchen, had sex with husband, showered. Sat on couch while he was in shower and felt a pinch in my left chest and a major tingling all down my arm into my hand. At that point, I assumed I had fallen asleep.

When I woke up or came to, I went into the bedroom where he was dressing and began asking him a series of questions about why the snowmen were out (I usually don't put them out till the following weekend) and if we had sex that morning. He asked me if I remember what we did last night and what we had for dinner and I was pretty fuzzy about it.

I did however remember where I went yesterday afternoon and the fact I was with my daughter. He suggested we go to the hospital and get me checked.

I don't remember the exact drive to the hospital but I do remember crossing the street to the hospital. I do not remember being in the emergency room lobby but I do remember being escorted back and the entire duration of the hospital stay after that. They ran a battery of brain and heart related tests for 2 days. Brought in a neurologist and cardiologist. I had further tests after leaving and the cardiologist determined my heart is clear and strong. The neurologist told me that at this point he will diagnosis TGA but could not rule out a seizure and suggested I don't do anything alone. Well, that's not exactly how he put it but that's how if feels.

I've been pretty freaked out since and can't quite get over it and the possibility it will happen again. My life has changed and not for the better. I have other health issues that I need to deal with this year which require alot (a ton) of medicating and I'm very concerned that will bring on another episode.

I have no support system. My husband doesn't want to hear about it or discuss it well for that matter he doesn't want to hear about or discuss anything unless it is about him. I've reached the point I should live alone and maybe my stress level would reduce.

I try to get as much sleep as possible now. Every morning my head is hurting and fuzzy, could be sinuses.

Glad I found you all and I hope the best for each and every one of you.

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I am guessing by the tone of your post that you would rather not go public (i..e on television) speaking about your experience with a sex-induced TGA. But if I am assuming incorrectly, please contact me here. As you'll see from my other postings on this site, I am actively looking for a participant who could shed some real light on TGAs, especially those brought on by sexual activity.