Walking To Wheeling In 6 Hours...

it was late june of 2010 and i had woken up with severe back pain. i have a 1.5 year old son and figured that i must have pulled a muscle while playing with him. i had no idea that it was far more serious then this.

for months prior to the onset of this back pain, i had been struggling with several serious infections including zoster (caused by the virsella virus), and bacterima (bloodborne infection) of group b strep. i nearly died in march because the bacteremia cause septic shock. a picc line was placed and i recieved several weeks of strong antibiotic treatment at home. once i completed this course of medication, i was feeling better. i was cautious to be too optimistic as i had felt well and then gotten sick again within weeks, several times over the course of months. i continued to feel okay for several days and about three days after i finished the antibiotics and the picc was removed, this backpain started. it felt like i had a spandex band around my stomach and it was hard to breathe because of the pressure i felt. the backpain started that morning and by that afternoon my legs were completely numb. i couldn't feel pain, pressure, cold, hot...nothing. i tried in vain to move my toes and lift my legs and when all of my energy had been expended with no results, i freaked out. i didn't know what to do other then go to the hospital. my partner took me to the er and they immediately did an MRI because i had just had sepsis and they were afraid of an absess on my spinal cord caused by that infection. there was no absess but there were several lesions on L1-L2 and a few on T10-T11. There was no evidence of acute swelling, but the damage had been done.

with spinal cord injuries as you may know, they classify you as the lowest level of completely normal nuerological function. for me that is T10. even though the most severe injury and damage is in the L level, i have damage at the T10 level which causes decreased sensation between my belly button and mid to upper thigh level. the L level injury/damage has caused complete loss of function from mid thigh down, which is irreversible. the lesions on that level are completely cutting off communications to my legs and i am now classified as a T10 paraplegic. within 6 hours i went from an active father to a paraplegic.
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wow! i hope you are stillon ep. i too have tm mine is between my t4 and t5. wont go into my symptoms completely but i fall all the time. infact my knees look like hamburger right now. did you have the steroid therapy? i hate that banding feeling around the stomach that sucks too. if you;re still on ep pm me? i would love to chat with you some more!