My Life Has Been A Turmoil Ever Since...

In May of 2012 I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and my life has just been
In turmoil ever since. On May 8th just like any other day came home from work, as I was about to change into my comfortable clothes. I was unbuttoning my pants when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in the middle of my back (Thorax)the pain was so unbearable that I vomit, and immediately felt my left side from my torso down to my feet numb within two hours my right foot was also numbed and later on the right leg. I was taken to the hospital – I was scare did not know what was going on with me. After several blood work and several MRI’s of my brain, neck, spinal cord and lumbar it was determine that I had inflammation of the spinal cord. I was put on steroids (Inter-venous) for six days and after a week of being in the hospital I was discharge to continue taking cortisone (Prednisone). I couldn’t hardly move from my left side, I was first walking with a walker and then with a cane, physical therapy helped a lot and now I’m walking on my own, which I have to thank my lord for that.

I no longer have the inflammation, but the damage is done the pain that I have on the left side of my stomach all the way to mid back continue and the bad sensation that I have in my rectum, my feet continue to be tight and the hypersensitivity on both of my legs is unbearable. I have been given so many different medications for the pain, but nothing seems to help. The last medication I was put on was Cymbalta and now my liver is damage. Therefore, I cannot be place with any other medication that is going to filter through the liver. Every time I ask my neurologist if this is going to go away, his response is always the same….is going to take time, but in reality will ever go away.

It has been 4 months now and I’m still with the horrible pain as I have explained before. Anyone out there that has gone through the same as I have, and perhaps they are now out of the woods, do you know if there is light at the end of the tunnel, is there hope that one day I can wake up and not feeling the tightness on my feet or the hypersensitivity on both of my legs and the not normal sensation in my rectum.

Thank you,
Abig01 Abig01
Sep 17, 2012