15 Mins Is All It Took

It was March 31st Everything's completely fine, but then I got a cramp in my hand, then both hands, not just cramps, cramps so intense that my fingers curled in! Then my left hand went numb, a stroke I thought, so I made my boyfriend take me to the hospital, which is only 7-8 min away & as we were driving there I could literally feel the paralization moving down my body & when we arrived I was completely paralyzed from my neck down!! " IDIOPATHIC ACUTE TRANSVERSE MYOLITIS"!! I still have no use of my right hand, not much in rt foot, and am numb(ish) from chest down. Its a feeling I can't explain!! The slightest touch can hurt so bad one moment & the next numb(ish)!! I am glad that I can now use the bathroom all by myself again, I'm a big girl!! LOL! but I have no real feelings down there so I'm freaking on that! Anyone heard of anything that might be able to help us maybe reverse some of the damage?
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paradigm shift time. i felt my come on 2 -3 days before i was paralyzed but from my waist down! i have recovered 80-90%. i left western meds and went another direction. i did have a great neurologist but it wasn't for me. read and follow the 'Healing Code'

I was recently diagnosed with this. It all started mid August and after checking into the ER late Sept, I am still in the hospital and will be until at least mid November. Lets correspond as the network of folks with this is very small. Thank you.