Ive Traveled the World

yea so me n my family have been traveling around the globe since i was like 5 or something and weve been to lots of different countries, bora bora, china, egypt, morrocco, oman, germany, hungary, austria, and i could go on but itd take up 2 much room lol.  so my room is like full of stuff from different countries like i got the suits that they wear in china and these statues of egyptian gods and stuff from egypt obviously lol.  i just thought it might b interestn to share this b/c so many people in amerca are liek wheres russia and then you say something like "its in asia." then they are like "oh yea! where asia?"  lol kinda funny.  but u can really blame them b/c they only take vaca's to the beach and like to see their relatives and stuff and say they had a good time and when u say oh yea 4 my summr i went to Tibet and met the monks n stuff they are like all impressed and stuff.
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*nods* :D and psh, ALWAYS

Yeaaa...I think you need to deflate my head again :D:D (again lolz)

big-headed story :D hahahaha :D

lol, yea I know I'm lucky ;) You just have to ask me for the pics love, I forget sometimes lol (more like all the time eh? ;))

"plenty of pics" *coughs* I haven't seen any of them :P <br />
yea, and you should realize how lucky you are...

Hehe, yeh, I went to Disney last week...was hot and humid but a memorable trip, got plenty of pics to prove it :D Egypt was pretty incredible though...for a third world country the people there were pretty chill, and the pyramids of course were amazing :)

Wow!! You don't realize how lucky you are! :)<br />
I've always wanted to go to Egypt! :)

Nah, just for the fun of it, my family used to do all those fun things that lots of working families want to do but never can...until we got divorced, now my life sucks :(

You are so lucky!! Was it like a business trip or something?

Yep, I saw everything you could possibly want to see in a lifetime, and more :)

You met the monks!??!!??!?!<br />
<br />
I envy you so much.