I'm in the drivers lounge on the english channel ferry. The ones who actually notice me can sense that I don't really belong here, but since I handed in my meal voucher donated to me by my sleepy bus driver, they can kiss my non-bus driving ***. Stewed tomatoes, rolls, baked beans and fried eggs are on the breakfast menu. I'm considerably hungry, so I attack the cafeteria style spread with a lethal vengance. Above the fried eggs reads a sign limiting 2 eggs per person. Sorry, that's not acceptable. Not with me being this hungry. I quickly stack two eggs to look like one, slide them onto my plate, and then go in for my "second" egg. No one is the wiser. The kid is unleashed wild into the world! Hungry and free! I'm clever, so I get by with few difficulties, and even those are enjoyable now and again as long as they provide a lesson to accompany the bumps and bruises. I scarf down my meal with my head down. You'd think I hadn't eaten in days. Sometimes it feels like I starve for days. I don't fear starvation like I used to. The fear is worse than the hunger. If you relax, you see things for what they are. If you are flexible and clever, you'll never starve
WorldWarYou WorldWarYou
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 30, 2007

Shame on you, deprived bus driver left famished. Again, expressive, creative and so descriptive. I’m a visual person and love to “see” the story as well as offer a picture to my readers. Your portraits are oils on canvas; mine charcoal on paper… both show description in our own personal style…