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...how different I would be right now if I hadn't spent the last 10 years traveling across land and sea and eating strange and awesome things and meeting and befriending strange and awesome people... "If I am a hyena, I am a lean and hungry one. I go forth to fatten myself." -Henry Miller! I think for sure that so much life experience even at this relatively young age has definitely turned the volume down on the rest of the not-so-significant stuff... like, say, money for instance. People place it above so many other more important things, such as family or their health...and my opinion is that money, aside from being a lubricant which helps you glide through life a little easier from time to time, really has no value to me at all. I don't worship it. I recognize its necessity, but I refuse to serve it. Or take anything else for example besides the important stuff...sex, status, material...all of this illusion that people keep chasing and chasing. It's actually a little sad. To me, the crucial stuff isn't the cash or the clothes or the adoration or ego...it's the time you spend with your friends and family, it's your health, it's feeling your cat dead asleep on your chest while you watch your favorite show in your favorite chair, it's knowing that the people you care most for are safe and well fed... Perhaps traveling so extensively and seeing so much of the world where people don't have a pot to **** in or a window to throw it out of, and seeing how greedy and empty the more wealthy and fortunate people can be, has given me an overdeveloped sense of appreciation for the good, simple things in my life. May they last as long as my love for them does.
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To quote my second favorite satirical comedian, Lewis Black "did you know that our (former) president (Bush jr) has never even left the country?! ****! How can you say that america is the greatest country in the world if you've never been outside the country?! Not even Canada! Sh*t, even drunk... On a bet... You still make it to Canada wtf"

Your life is a life well lived. I wish more people thought like you in not placing such a huge value on money and just accept it as you eloquently put it "being a lubricant which helps you glide through life a little easier from time to time." Sadly, we are a society consumed by the evils of monetary value that we forget what it means to be human. KUDOS for you! =]