No poetry here, I passed through a typhoon on a Yellowstone class destroyer tender, despite the size of the ship we were walking on the walls, same situation on a spruance class destroyer, but everyone that wasn't actually on watch was secured to their racks on that ship.

It's definitely a note worthy experience, edge of the earth type stuff, words are insufficient.

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We had straps that were supposed to ensure if we fell out we fell feet first, we did have guys in bottom racks that didn't use the strap "fly" across the isle into their neighbors rack...it was pretty rough.

Wow. Secured to your racks? That means the ship was tossing so badly, you had to strap yourselves into bed to sleep? Wow!

Too true. As my captain said, ships are built to sail through big weather.<br />
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but typhoons, I am not so sure.<br />
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Well, in my story, one sailor was tossed from his bunk onto a table and busted his arm and a few ribs. After that, sailors lashed themselves down to sleep.<br />
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