Trip to the Antarctic

I sometimes choose to express my memories through poetry.  Here is my memory of the trip south.

see pics for a few images.



Antarctic seas

© 2007


Greet your families, set out into the unknown.

Some say this, some say that.

Forty degrees, no sleep here tonight.


We bob about like a cork, up, down, roll and yaw.

Constant, persistent and unforgiving.

Always opening southwards.


The swells get larger. Thirty foot walls of green

Flying fish on the deck and

green sailors hanging over taff rails.


Forty foot swells. Now we are in

The roaring forties, the ferocious fifties, the screaming sixties.

Then eerie quiet. A duck on a millpond.


Surrounded by pack-ice, dotted with seals and penguins

After six hours we see

white walls of ice,


Cliffs of pure majesty, they give back

Wedges of ice to the sea

to rapturous applause.


The quiet is broken by

the steady hum of our generators

While we lay. No need for a sea anchor.


How talented man is to build

these vessels and machines to do

all these wonderful things.


As we head home we witness the swish of the sea

against the bows. We push the ice aside

leaving it with rouge from our hull.


Two thousand miles to go.

Dolphins are torpedoes in our pressure wave.

Albatross and petrels are our guiding stars.


Storm clouds gather up ahead and

lightning pencils the black canvas.

We ride this untamed horse for six hours more.


Then the sun breaks through and the calm returns.

We are aware of God’s power and a lesson comes to mind.

“Be still and know that I am God” says the Lord.





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10 Responses Mar 1, 2009

You should definitely do so!<br />
<br />
love and peace,<br />

Ah, Miss Spring. Thank you for the nice comment. <br />
<br />
They are here<br />
<br />
When I have 25/30 then I might consider having them published<br />
<br />
love and peace<br />

Another powerful poem! You should post more of your writings here, for us to enjoy and admire.

thank you sir.<br />
<br />

Your word strokes paint an exciting picture.

you make me blush, lady am.<br />
<br />
love <br />

Who needs pictures when you clearly paint with your words.

i thank you lady destry.<br />
<br />

duchess. nice to know you. are visiting my city or do you live there. mostly, visitors go to cape point or table mountain.<br />
<br />
since the breakdown of the ussr, the russians have been operating their research vessel for tourism. <br />
<br />
i think that the heart of summer should be a good first experience. winter is simply too scary. the swells are 30 to 50m tall.<br />
<br />
take good camera and video camera. people will struggle to construct a picture of what you tell them.<br />
<br />
when you approach the ice shelf, you will realise how small and insignificant we really are in the creation.<br />
<br />
more later

You truly are a poet. You evoke such images and feelings with a few well chosen words.<br />
Thank you so much for sharing this, b.<br />
<br />
I would love to hear an expanded narrative of your journey, too!