Desire Smooth, Clear, No Flaws Skin.

I have trichoepithelioma, i was told it can be treated with dermabrasion or laser, but it comes right back. It is an awful and painful experience, with those of us  who has this dreadful disease.People stare,laugh, and frown at me when I go in public. I am call ugly, a thing, and a monster. I don't like going to church much because people stare there too. I sometimes walks with my head down. I dream of clear, smooth facial skin. I can't get a date, no one wants me. So i learn to live with this handicap and looking for the day when it is all over with.
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I had the dermabrasion done 13 yrs ago and it was a very painful process. Honestly I never thought much about my "bumps" until my family dr kept pointing them out and referred me to a dermatologist . I never had a name for my condition until I was at a friend's house and Dr OZ was on and there was a lady there that had the same condition. I was happy to finally have a name for it. It is hard to deal with sometimes and people can be so rude.... Especially kids. I was sitting outside watching a town parade and these kids kept coming up,to me and hitting me and running and screaming.... I asked " am I that scary?" As I was laughing ... She said " yeah... You have warts all over your face" I was in total shock the way she said it and I left the parade and cried in private. It is hard to deal with some days and I hope there is a cure found soon.

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Hello I also have this I got my 1st one at age 4 it progressed slowly my doctors in ny didnt know what it was and tried frezzing burning the scraping left a scar I now go to chapel hill nc and had my whole face done 2yrs ago they flattedend out pretty good I will be going into surgeru again on july 23 2014 to have my whole face done again and my 10yr daughter as well.....I wpuld like to encourage u I would get depressed down on myself.....I just realized im different and everyome suffers from something ours is just on the out side.....I have a wonderful husbsnd who loves me and doesnt want me to undergo the surgery again but its just something I want to do my depression isnt as bas as it use to be

i too have this horrible and painful disease. i have had 2 complete facial dermabrasions, which did smooth my skin but was such a painful, horrible experience as i was the first person to have their entire face dermabrated with very little pain medicine. they used rubber gloves with ice to numb my face but as we all know that wore off long before they were done ,but i wanted to be pretty so bad that i laid there awake and took the pain. i went home with tylenol lol.... i tried after 2 surgeries to do something different and agreed to laser.. it was not as effective and getting stuck in the face with needles hurt as bad as the procedures... i now have close to 25 of them on my head and they are growing bigger and yes they are way more painful as they are on all sides of my head and cant get a real good night of sleep ... cant go to the beauty shop to get my hair done because of the freaked out response of beauticians . i get it but it is not by choice nor my fault ... lucky for me i have thick hair so i can try to hide them by wearing my hair a certain way . i had good insurance but now am on medicaid as my job went south to mexico so it has been difficult to find a doctor to see me.. saw a doctor on dr. oz and got all excited but he too doesn't see medicaid patients.. i also allowed myself to be looked at like a lab rat by several dermatologists years ago at i u medical hospital and that' s before i got these bigger and more aggressive tumors.i have had cancer yet the surgeon i just saw 2 days ago argued with me that i had nuerofibroma and they weren't cancerous . i laughed because the doctor who finally diagnosed me took one off my nose and told me by the texture that i didn't have cancer. oooops a biopsy revealed i did and to go back to dig more of the tumor and burn in deeper. i sympathasize with any and everyone who has an affliction but unless you walk in our shoes you truly don't understands all the hideous looks and the fun that is made of you . i was called warthog along with other lovely names. i am proud of me as a person and pity people who judge anybody by their appearance especially when it's truly something you can't control ....i used to be ashamed of myself but i sure aint now......... i am a beautiful person inside and all you people who make fun and stare .......shame on you and remember karma's a ***** if you make it .........

Have you inquired about Photo- dynamic -therapy? I was told it is being used to treat this horrible skin disease. It is referred to as PHD. I am looking for a DR. that offers this service.

I have been having this since I was 16, it wasn't as noticeable to begin with then progressive became more and more. I initially thought it was some sort bad acnes until I was told this is in your genes. I was advised only way to treat it is laser or surgical exercision if it weren't too many of them. I have been doing laser treatment once a year, it still won't completely go, it comes back after a while so I have to keep doing it every year to keep up the appearance.

I also have this condition but have had multiple outpatient procedures to have sections of it removed surgically. I have had good success with this treatment and never tried the dermabrasion or laser treatment because it does not seem to be a permanent solution. I recommend seeing a plastic surgeon who also has a dermatologist on staff who can advise you on post care of your face.