I Really Don't Know What To Do....i Can't Force Myself To Stop

I can't for sure exactly how long I have had Trich. I am a 43 year old male and grew my hair long when I was 30 years old. My hair was very clean and nice looking and I kept it up very well for years. 2 or 3 years ago I started playing with my hair quite often and would notice these thick and kind of kinky hairs and would single them out and separate them from my other hairs and then would pull them out and examine them. This started happening with more frequency up until this past January. In January I noticed large patches on my scalp that were thin with not much long hair there. I knew I had some kind of problem so I went to a hair stylist and had my hair cut short....maybe just an inch and a half long(down from the previous length of 14-16 inches). I was sure cutting my hair would stop my hair pulling. I was very wrong. Now without even thinking about my hand will wander to my hair and start the search for any hair that just doesn't feel right, wether it a thick, kinky hair or an abnormally thin silky one. I started searching through the internet looking to see if hair pulling was some sort of common issue or even an OCD. I found this website and after reading several stories I couldn't help but think I could have written those stories myself. As of right now I am unemployed and have no health insurance so seeing a Dr. isn't really an option I can go for right now. I would appreciate any help or advice anyone could give me about this problem I have.
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1 Response Jul 9, 2010

Please take the time to go to the Trichotillomania foundation Center's website, www.trich.org.<br />
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You'll find loads of information and help there.<br />
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Good luck!