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about a year ago i found this site in a desperation to find others that i could talk to about pulling my eyelashes. I was so alone feeling ugly with my lack of eyelashes. I just wanted to let everybody know that sense i have posted my story here a year ago i have offically as of this week GROWN BACK ALL MY EYELASHES i just wanted to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart , because even though you are just strangers you all have helped be over come 7 years of tritchtotillomania , and been some of the most suporting people i have ever know .  You changed my life and i can never forget how much this means to me
 thank you  so much  it takes more than words to describe my gratitude, everyday when i look in the mirror i will see my beautiful eyelashes that you helped be grow back.

your support  has ment the world to me , thank you
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They grew back the same as i had ten years ago. My trick was a personal one, i moved away from home for a year to go to school. being away from my parents helped me be a little more relaxed . a nice trick that my friends did was compliement me when i started to grow them back and didnt scold me for pulling

im so happy to hear that youve grown your eyelashes back. bet you are over the moon. i have always longed for that day when i might have a full set of long beautifull eyelashes. the day i can spend a ridiculous amount of money on mascara and eye lash curlers. its funny how some things seem alot more important when you dont have them. eye lashes where just THERE before. now i would do anything to have them back ! <br />
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ive been pulling mine for about 6 years now. it all started when i began using mascara and eye lash curlers. my lashes where hard and coarser when i had applied mascara and my hand would stroke them feeling the ones out of place. i could feel ones which were smaller and spikey and began to pull them out. it happened all within one evening. i woke up the next day feeling sick with guilt and all clammy. When i saw the large 1cm gap in my one eyelid i felt like digging a big black hole and climbing in. it only got worse from there and today i have almost no eyelashes. trich was present before in my life when i was younger. I pulled a 4 cm circle from the crown of my head. I was taken to the doctors and given cream to put on it. I never knew back then i had a condition which was common. I felt alone and ashamed. i stopped pulling from my head and I never really thought about why, it just happened, then a few years later I was back doing it but on my eyelashes. And again I’m not sure why!<br />
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ive recently been for therapy after finally gaining the courage to seek help from my doctor. However the therapy was not any help. the psychologists there believe that trich is merely a habit like smoking or biting your nails and that you just have to learn (with behaviour techniques ) to stop. Although some of the ideas temporarily helped, i personally believe trich is more than a habit. i have felt that it’s much more to do with a grooming gene..possibly ? ..Something within us. sometimes it almost feels that i am destine to do it .. a part of me has come to realise maybe i will never be 100% clear of this condition but I can only manage it and lean to control it so that it is not a problem in my life. I guess you could say i don’t really have a problem with hair pulling. If it was my leg hair i wouldn’t mind hahah!! i mean us women don’t want leg hair do we? What i hate is the fact that people should have eyelashes and hair and that’s the bit i hate. maybe if having eyelashes was not important ..I maybe then wouldn’t mind pulling them. since going to therapy i have been stressing over my trich more. i suppose its because im talking about it more, worrying about it more trying hard to stop. and all these things have made it worse. at my attepts to stop pulling my eyelashes i have begun on my hair again. this scares me alot. i was in controll of my hair and only very ralrely pulled the odd hair from that same spot from when i was younger. now i have a very small but noticeable bald patch (a third of what it was when i was younger). <br />
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anyways, me going off on one haha. its been 4 days and ive only pulled 2 lashes. im determined to get to a 3 month mark so i can hopefully get most of my eyelashes back and i hope this will further determine me to keep from pulling.<br />
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id like to ask how you did it ? what are your tips and are your lashes just as good as before you started pulling or are they weaker and smaller??