Any Tips?

I  was thinking about wearing false eyelashes but whenever I use it the glue sucks! Less then an hour they're falling off. Anyone know good glue that actually works??
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In my picture I was wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow. Plus it's all photoshoped lol. I always wear eyeliner.

I dont know any glue that works! I've tried lots of them... I just wear black eyeshadow or eyeliner (are you wearing eyeshadow on your picture? it doesn't look like you dont have eyelashes)

See the Trichotillomania Foundation Center's website www.trich.or.<br />
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You'll find a lot of helpful information on there.<br />
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Good luck!

i also suffer with trich. <br />
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I get a glue which is from Hong Kong off eBay. its in a green bottle called colour soft however you will find it by just typing eyelash glue into the search bar . its only a few pounds including delivery but it works wonders. Lasts up to 10 hours id say. just keep some on you at all times to totch up the corners if they do come lose. false eye lashes are more likely to come off if you haven’t applied enough glue or waited long enough. Always buy the natural looking ones. i buy the naturalites ones. Which can be found at places like boots or superdrug. another tip would be to apply the glue to your actual eye lid where you would place the lashes. they stick on much firmer and last longer. most times i don’t have to reapply any glue untill the next day. Using a line of black eye liner on you eyelid which comes past the eyelash rim helps blend in the eyelash rim so it does not look obvious your wearing them. <br />
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hope this helps

I do this as well. The trick is to let them grow, just a little, then get a thickening mascara to make them look filled out. You'd be surprised how many people actually don't notice you have no eyelashes.