Just Recently Learned About Trich

I started pulling my lashess at about age 10. That went on for about 12 years. Then out of the blue I stopped. I don't know what made me stop. Then my wife up and left me in Sept. 2006. In Dec. 2006 I suddenly found myself pulling them out again. I am now 37 years old. I finally just pulled them all out. I feel like it is less noticeable than having a big patch right in the middle.

All these years I thought surely I was the only person in the world who had this sick, twisted obsession with pulling out my eye lashes. A couple of months ago I googled "pulling out eye lashes" and to my amazement I found I'm not alone. The only thing remotely different about me is I'm male. I've read where most people with Trich are female.

I wish I could stop. It is very embarrassing. I am ashamed of myself. My eyesight is starting to diminish and I won't see an eye doctor because I am embarrassed. They will see my eyelids and I'll have to explain that I pull them out.

If you have any tips on quitting I'd appreciate it very much. Does anyone have any success stories? I'd like to know what worked for you. I've tried prayer. I'm convinced it's not God's fault I can't stop. Something is obviously wrong with me.

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I was worried about it being genetic. Luckily, my son, 16, doesn't show any signs of the condition. It's onset is usually around age 9 or 10, so I think he's safe. I hope so, anyway.<br />
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I'm glad I found this forum. For years I just knew I was the only weirdo that pulled out my eyelashes. I'm not calling anyone a weirdo...I'm saying I thought I was a freak. <br />
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Good luck with everything. God bless!

I start at 6 or 7 and stopped at about 13 when I realized I needed them for my eyes. I pulled hair from my head but could always control it. Just a few now and again. I have one child a daughter who pulls the hair on her head. She knows all about Trich and can control it unless stressed. Must be genetic!

I do that, too. I also pull out my eyebrows. Just recently I made my brows awfully thin, but manged finally to stop. I did make bald patches in my lashes once, but I never pulled them all. Do you find that some lashes hurt, while others do not? If they sting too much I stop--but some don't hurt and I find it fascinating to pull them. it's almost a gme to see if the ones i think will not hurt really don't. I have tried to manage it by setting limits--I can pull so many , or only to here. It helps, but if I don't stop at the preset limit I often binge and go way overboard I know it has something to do with control and perfectionism. Funny, I'm also a hoarder--so I throw away pieces of myself put keep pieces of other people!

Your doctor will more than likely have seen this sort of thing numerous times before, if you feel like it's affecting your eyesight you really must do something about it. You have nothing to be embarressed about, if it helps try to think of all the worse things you could be going to the docs about....