I Have Trichotillomania"

i have Trichotillomania" and its hard to work with i pull my hair out every single day when i pull it out and rub it across my lips it feels so good idk y  but it does if i dont get a root i have to do it more and more and more and if i go a day with out pulling it will drive me nuts and i have to do it more!! people dont understand me i wish they would and also when i smell the root it kills me i have to do it agin!!  its so adicting people dont know how hard it is to get rid of ive had it sence i was 11in a half and now im 14 so almost 3 yrs i need to find a way to stop i need help bad its so hard to stop if u have the same problem i do plzzzzzzz txt me!! 256 405 2024
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3 Responses Oct 14, 2011

I do that with my roots too but yeah, I bite mine off as well! Whenever I pull a root out I'm so happy but then I'm like "crap, that hairs never growing back now"

I also do that with the roots and everything except. ..... I tend to bite them off for some reason. It sad but its what i do.

You shouldn't put your number up here. But Good Luck.