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Eyelashes, Eyelashless

I started pulling my lashes sometime in Middle school. My first memory of it is looking at the lashes i had pulled out scattered on the lab table in 7th grade science, and wondering what one would look like if I looked at it with a microscope. Around that time I would notice little bald spots in my lashes, but I didn't really realize what I was doing. One time I was in my room with some other girls who were family friends, not really my friends, and one was crying about something and when she wiped her eyes she found a lash and said "My eyelashes are falling out" and I said "I hate that" and they looked at me like I was crazy... When I got to High School my pulling got worse, esp in class. It was around that time that I finally went all the way and pulled my eyelids bald, probably trying to get them to look more even. Eventually I looked it up and realized other people did it, and sometimes I would be able to stop for a while so they could grow back. A big turning point for me came when I started working at summer camp when I was 17. I had known the girl I was working with, Laura, since middle school, and though I had noticed her bald spots and eyelids that matched mine, I'd never said anything to her, because we weren't really close and I was embarrassed. Over the summer we became much closer and I finally felt comfortable enough one night that, while sitting in her tent, I told her that I pulled my eyelashes out and asked her if she did too. She said yes, and we hugged and started crying. She said she had wondered about me because she had seen my eyelashes, but she wasn't sure and didn't want to embarrass me or anything, but she was so glad I had shared with her. She'd been in therapy for it, and had been to the Trich retreats, and really helped me feel a lot better about myself and figure out what made me pull. After that summer, I asked my parents if I could talk to our family therapist alone one time, because I was having a lot of issues with my family and my boyfriend, and I decided to tell her about the pulling. She encouraged me to tell my mom, which I did, and now, while I am not exactly open about it, I am much less embarrassed and I feel like I have it more under control. I figured out that stress, especially academic stress, made it a lot worse, so I tried taking easier classes and not pressuring myself so much. Once I started trying to control it, I would only slip a couple times a year. I also figured out the cycle time for growing back a complete set of eyelashes is about 2 months. So even when there is a time of great stress and I get really down, I know that it's not the end of the world, and I can start all over soon enough. I rarely have anyone say anything about my lashes, or lack thereof, except for my mom who i think pays special attention to them as a measure of my stress and general health and happiness... These days I am doing pretty well... I have nice eyelashes, though I ocasionally pull a few I haven't gone all the way in a long time. The worst thing about it is that I feel like I can't wear mascara because i feel like having stuff on my lashes will make me want to pull them. In anycase, I am really glad that I've never really pulled out the hair on my head, so i only have to deal with my lashes. Hopefully my story helps you!

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Thank you for this article. I have been struggling with trichotillomania since I was 8 years old (now going on 26). I have my ups and down with this addiction. The longest I've been without pulling was close to 6 months but I always seem to do the same thing over and over that makes me relapse. Either one hurts and I want to pull it out and convince myself it will only be one or one is misplaced and I'll just remove that one. Well one always turns to 2 and so on and so forth. It definitely gets worst when I'm stressed out or have a big upcoming event. Especially one that includes a makeup artist. I don't want to pull before because I'm afraid they will discover my addiction and will make fun of me. And that worrisome turns into stress and stress turns into pulling. It is overalls a very viscous cycle. I now have a one year old girl and I hope she never discovers this secret of mine (don't want her to be curious and try it) that is why I'm hoping to cure myself before she's old enough. I am hoping that with the help of this group this will be the end of this horrible addiction!!

When you stopped pulling them for 6 months how did they look. Were they normal? When mine grow back they are really thin, which is obviously better than none but they never grow right. I just need to know that if I continue to grow them without pulling how will they look! Thank You

mine looked really good. I really hope I can get to that point again :)

update #1: day 1=0 lashes pulled, Day 2= 1 lash, Day 3=0 lashes. I can do this :)

update #2. since February 23rd only one eyelashe was pulled on the second day. yesterday and today has been extremely hard the temptations are at an all-time high with one eyelash hurting...making me want to pull it out. Ill try my best to keep resisting.

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Thank you so much for this I have been having this problem for years and I'm going to try some of the things you say, although almost everyone at my school knows something's up because someone started spreading rumours. Thank you so much!

I've been plucking my lashes and brows since I was 16. Currently I have no lashes or brows and can't use my makeup I feel ugly ashamed to be in public. I don't know anyone with this problem so it's be great to make some friends that I can talk to about this issue with and even get some help on possible ways to get them to grow back maybe use fake lashes to keep me from plucking. Please email me

Same I just feel so alone because of it xx

Hi guys, I'm 15. And I really only started pulling my eyelashes out about 6 months ago. But I have always twirled and pulled my hair out. In fact, when I was 5, half my head went bald from me twirling and pulling my hair out. Only not as bad with my head hair as much, but I constantly pull and yank at my eyelashes. This story kind of gave my hope, because I felt so alone about this. I can't talk to my family about it, and I don't know anyone around me that shares my similar problem. Everyone I know has perfect eyelashes. In fact, I find myself staring at people's eyelashes, just admiring them. I wish I could have pretty eyelashes. I never really knew what the disease was called, until a few months ago when I almost pulled my eyelashes bald. I finally looked up in Google why I pull my eyelashes out and came to find out I have Trichotillomania. I used to visit a therapist because of depression and panic-axiety. I don't anymore, but it's still a huge problem in my life. I don't know if anyone out there can relate to me, but it feels good to know there are people out here who are struggling with the same things. It feels good to know I'm not alone.

when I was in 7th grade, one day I just started pulling my eyelashes. I pulled few at a time but nobody besides my parents ever said anything. I would stop for a few weeks and have a breakout and then stop again. Then in the summer I pulled more, and I didn't want my teammates on the football team to make fun of me. I stopped for awhile and I guess I just had the willpower to stop because I haven't pulled since. When I was 15 I had a slight breakout again but it was on my head, only a small spot and nobody ever said anything but I felt compelled to wear hats everywhere. I am now 16 and if I ever pull hairs, it's not in an addictive manner, sometimes pubes or nose hairs, arm hairs, etc. But I'm very optimistic and deal with very little stress. I got on here because I want to tell other people who have Trich that you CAN break the habit. I realize I must have had a very mild case of Trich, never fully losing all my eyelashes out at one time. But if you have the willpower, determination, and WANT to quit the habit you can. Anything is possible through The Lord Jesus Christ and those who may not believe in him now is a good time to start. He performs miracles and can personally help YOU stop pulling. Thank you

Nokayessab, you can fix false lashes without any of your own; just fix them above the line that they grow so that the skin is smooth and doesn't have regrowth stopping them from sticking. I've been doing it for years but am finally on the up; only a few people ever noticed, though. Good luck x

I am glad i've found someone like me. I started pulling my lashes out at the age of 5 and since then i hv been bald as it has been a habit. I really find it difficult to leave them alone. I am almost 30 now still wtout lashes, i am worried and don't know whay to do. Is it possible for me to fix artificial lashes without any lash on my eyelid?

Yes I use individual lashes from the beauty supply store. Your local target also may have them but they work wonders I swear. I wouldn't suggest it if you plan to grow them because it may block the follicles from the glue.

Im a 14 year old kid who has well had the same problem. i used to pull my eyelashes out and get this wierd feeling like i scratched a really itchy itch. However when i was 8 my condition stopped and i currently am living a pull free life. I read on the web this is just a temporary remission but i hope it last because i realise that pulling my lashes is just plain dumb.

Omg, I thought I was completely alone with this !!
I first started in 3rd grade with my eyebrows and would eventually start with my eyelashes in middle school. Similar to the rest of you, I have my good days in my bad days. As a result of me pulling out my eyelashes, I am terrified and refuse to leave my house without wearing a pair of ***** eyelashes or I apply the individual ones myself . (I started wearing the strips in high school as a result of me being teased and I've been wearing the individuals for about two years now - I am currently 19).
In addition to my eyelashes are my eyebrows which have just recently started to grow back. However, I am still very ashamed of my eyebrows, which granted have come a long way considering how much I would pull them, and as a result just about 85% of the time when I go out I fill in my eyebrows using makeup .
Orginally I was very embrassed to even discuss this issue with my family members, and till this very day I have never discussed this with them, however this post lets me know that I am not in this alone!! :)
My only question is what technique do any of you use to cope with this issue? I go crazy with pulling whenever I am stressed and especially in school ....

For some reason I never knew there was a bunch of us out there doing this, thought I was the only person but does feel better to confess to you ppl on here :).. It's tough to overcome this but with will power you can do it, once they grow back we will feel so much better. I challenge you to go 3 weeks without pulling and watch how nicely they come in :). Stay strong and keep your mind occupied.

I love the individual eyelashes. I love how I can do them myself. People always compliment me on how nice my eyelashes are. Little do they know they aren't actually mine. Before i began using them I would never have gotten those kind of compliments because...well..i don't have any eyelashes. I would like to grow my own but I realize that the mental state that I currently in will not allow me. I am fine with that.

You are not alone in this. I have been pulling my eyelashes out since I was in 7th grade (13yrs old) I'm 27 and still have the problem on and off. I haven't pulled for over two weeks and they seem to be coming in okay. I hope they grow back by the time I go home to visit my parents on Feb 25th. I have grown them back completely and only found myself balding them again when dealing with stress in the military. Hope for the best going to keep going strong and same to you! We can beat this!! :)

I have been pulling mine for 11 years now. Do you think it is possible for a full set to grow back? I would really hope for that.

Hi, I am a mother of an eleven year old trich. After reading some of your stories, I feel encouraged and moved. I noticed that my daughter began picking when she was very young, around three or four. At the time I blamed it on her mimicking someone she watched plucking eye brows. She began using tape and stickers to pull out her eyebrows, then she began to pull out her eyelashes. She had did this for years without any of us understanding what it was called until she got an eye infection and the doctor told us to bring her back if her eyelashes began to stick together. I noted to the doctor that she pulled them out... She then began to see a therapist which supposedly was to help... now my daughter is completely void of eyebrows and eyelashes, but she is so beautiful. She longs for her eyelashes and eyebrows to grow back, and has even requested artificial eyelashes, however, I do not feel that they would be safe or effective in looking natural. We have learned some make-up strategies that give her highlights and accents that bring out her natural beauty. Before I posted this, I read it to my daughter, she like many are very shy about sharing their stories. Once again thank you for the encouragement, for both of us.

Hi.. i am 15 this year.. i start plucking my eyelashes since i am around 8 years old.. now i am still plucking it. When anyone start to look inside my eye i would walk away or turn another way round, because i feel so embarrass. Anyone please give me any advice or tips to grow back my eyelashes fast? This made me feel that i am not alone, but i am an asian, Singapore. I think i am the only one without eyelashes in Singapore.. Help me out please!!

i am 21 and have been pullling eyelashes and eyebrows since i was 7. i have my good days and i have my bad days. tonight was not such a good night after weariing make up all day which is a huge accomplishment when my eyelashes have grown back enough to do so i started up where i couldnt stop now i cnt wear make up for a while ;( i can cry and scream with the fustration and dissapointment i have in myself. i do alot of research online but dont find much for eyelash pulling. i get scared i will nevr grow my lashes back. im going to start seeing a therapist and see how things go.

Try the Trich Stop Kit - seriously - it has done wonders for me. I loved all of the exercises, but what was great was the oil that comes with the kit. It stopped that nagging, irritating urge and helped me stop pulling and starting just rubbing the oil in instead. It was a gradual thing (which is best really, better than trying to go cold turkey) have been pull free for weeks now.I saw an interview about the person who created it on another blog and she sounded just like me. Anyway, if it does help, it is possible to stop - I have, even after 20 years of pulling! It's worth giving it a go...Good luck to all my fellow trichsters.

its crazy because i see a lot of people on here say how they have seen others pulling, or known people. But ive never, ever seen someone without eyelashes or pulling there hair like I do. :/ i wish there was someone here who could relate

I do the exact same thing, I have thought about therapy for a long time but always been too scared to go as I feel they wont know what im talking about, your story is an inspiration. thankyou : )

I started pulling my eyelashes when I was 10. My parents were missionaries and I lived at a boarding school away from them from ages 9 - 14. I saw them every 3 months or so. I started pulling after a specific incident. I was playing volleyball with a group of friends and my dorm mother. She always had dirty fingernails. I got something in my eyes so she tried to help get it out. Once it was out, she told me it was an eyelash. After that, I started gently tugging my lashes to make sure there were no 'loose' ones that would fall in my eyes. I have naturally long lashes so when I have a bald spot, it's pretty obvious. When my parents saw me with out lashes, they were shocked and horrified. After that, any time I pulled and had bald spots, my mom would scold me and tell me how ugly i looked. hurtful. I have learned how to apply my makeup in such a way that most people I encounter have no idea.

After I got married, I did some research online and learned about trichotillomania. I found a lot of great tips, useful information, why one might do this. I sent it all to my whole family. Now they are much more understanding.

Now I am 39 years old. Last week I pulled all the lashes off the top lid on one side. I am no longer embarrassed of how I look without lashes, but the feelings of shame, guilt, resentment toward myself is strongest right after I realize what I've done. It is what it is. I have spent years trying to stop, tried different things to keep my hands busy but I just like how it feels to pull. I've accepted that. I don't like how I look after I pull, but i'm not embarrassed to go without makeup either.

It helps if i can figure out what i am stressed about before trich takes over. If i can figure that out, i'll be able to control my urges. Otherwise, it's when i realized my thumb fingernail has left an imprint in my finger from gripping a lash to pull, that i know what I've been doing. After so many years of pulling, i'm not sure i'll ever be able to completely stop but i do hope that as i grow in a relationship with God, be more aware of my stressors, keep trying to stay busy in healthy things, I'll be able to do this less often.

I am hoping to have all my eyelashes by the end of July when my whole family is reuniting for my parents anniversary. We will be taking a family picture then. And you know, no matter how good a job you do at hiding your bald spots in real life, they show up in pictures. So that's my story. that's my goal for now.

I'm about to turn 15 & started to pull my eyelashes since I was six or seven . I've never seen someone else without eyelashes , I've always felt alone , or some type of freak . I compare myself to other girls who can wear makeup & could go makeup shopping . I hate when people ask me why I don't have eyelashes . In six months I'm having a quincera &im trying to let my eyelashes grow , but everyday , I have the erg to just pull one or two out. I feel less lonely now that I understand what my problem is , & to know I'm not the only one who has it .

Perhaps you can try wearing ***** lashes - they are usually $3-4 a pair at your local drugstores .
Before I started wearing the strips, I would line my lash line with black eyeliner so there would be less of a contrast with my balding .
I wish you the best with your quincera and I'm sure you'll look beautiful ! :)

gr8 story, actually i loved it and i wish god help u stop it at all ,i know how hard it is to be different but its really nice to find people around u who can support u and tell u its oky , my story is like urs but mine is even worth cause i do pull my head hair , but i really wish u happiness :)

I'm grateful to the Internet for allowing me to share my own experience. I didn't even know that it was a condition until just now. I'm 35, a male and I've been pulling my eyelashes, eyebrows and the hair from my head for as long as I can recall.

Growing up, it was very embarrassing going to school and the kids poking fun at me for having no eyelash. Even my relatives just made fun of me. But I just could not resist the urge then and even now I have lapses of depression where I still pull my hair, eyelash or eyebrow. One thing that I have not heard anyone saying is that they pull the hair until they get a follicle (that white part at the hair end) and then pull it off with their teeth. That's what I do.

Since becoming an adult I'd say around 15 years ago, I have learned to identify that I tend to want to 'pluck' my hair when I'm either by myself for an extended period of time or am depressed. So I tried disciplining myself to do something else when I find myself wanting to 'pull out my hair'. It is difficult but I am finally getting some control over it. I no longer have bare eyelashes or bald spots.

I also think it's in large part to how one think of themselves, I don't know about the rest of you but I am extremely shy, I think it may also stem from low self esteem and our self image. So I do things to build my confidence in myself and that has helped me battle this disorder immensely.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

You don't know how much this article has helped, I'm 18 and have been picking my eyelashes out since I was 7. When I was younger IDE pick every one out but now it's just a couple a night, however today I picked out quite a few and I hate myself for it and I'm in tears. I always say this is the last time but I just can't have eyelashes out of place. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop, I'm going to see a doctor about it because I'm scared one day they'll never grow back

It seams we all started pulling by the age of 10+. I'm a boy currently 16 and have to wear glasses everyday I first really started to pick when my eye lashes started to scrape the glass of my glasses witch was very irritating for my eyes. My eyelashes have been okay untill a few days ago I started looking for info on why I was doing it. And I have found out that my eyelash picking problem was due to stress. It was a pain to find treatments lot of sources say "keep your hands busy" or "wear glasses" well I can say I wear glasses coz I do and I just end up picking around them. I try to keep my hands busy but I mainly pick my eyelashes at night or while I'm watching a film. I say having Trichotillomania really puts my confidence down when people notice and speek about it out loud. My mates noticed my eyes they were like all swollen but they thought it was from boxing. I don't even do boxing. Currently it is 01:33am and I am fighting for my eyelashes to grow back.

Thankyou for sharing. I was about 8yo when I started pulling out eyelashes..they were really long and everyone always commented on them. Then my mum walked out on my dad and when he got with my step mum with her 3 kids 12mths later, i was depressed.<br />
It started off as a cry for help,by the time i got to highschool 13yo I started pulling my eyebrow hairs as became a coping mechanism for stress.<br />
To hide the gaps,i would steal money off my parents to buy eyeliner and eyebrow pencils.<br />
Thru 17-30yo i had violent relationships, 4 kids and had no eyelashes or eyebrows. completly drawn on.<br />
Im 36 and still cant stop..I dont even know im doing it sometimes..its always at night so no one sees.<br />
Im getting married in Dec. my.fiance doesnt know. Im so desperate to stop im trying hypnotherapy. Counselling and anti depressants have never worked. Ive held a deepseated anger towsrds my parents for not getting help for me as a child. instead they would humiliate me in front of family and friendd.<br />
I just want to look beautiful for my wedding. Im.scared that one day my hairs will stop growing back. Everyone just thinks my children got thier beautiful thick eyelashes from thier Dad..but I know..they got it from me. Im grateful my kids dont have this without swimming underwater incase ur makeup washes off...drawing your eyes and eyebrows on everyday...humiliation of asking medical staff permission to keep make up on during has ruined my life. Ive felt so alone all these years.

I'm glad I'm not alone in this battle. Although in a way, I wish no one had to endure it. I've been pulling my eyelashes out since at least the age of ten that I can remember. I'll pull my eyebrows very thin as well. Although I'm glad i never pulled my hair on my head out, I do excessively adn compulsively twirl my hair. The first time I can remember anyone around me noticing the loss of eyelashes was age 11 at the mall with my bff at that time. She said something to me that I had a huge patch of missing eyelashes as wide as my finger. I never knew how I started or really ever noticed myself doing it. In the past as an adult I have had my older sister, who has gorgeous eyelashes, say things to me about it, like "just stop it and yours can look like mine, too." (note: she did this at a mary kay party with all my family and friends there) I cried and tried to explain to her that it's just not as simple as stopping it. Like all the people that have posted before me, you get that sensational feeling after pulling one out that they don't understand. After staring in the mirror for a while and pulling a few out, I realize what I'm doing and try and stop, but not after oulling one more out to make it look even, or better. I noticed that I would pull those eyelashes out that just weren't straight and maybe leaning to one side... Trying for perfection? I don't know, but I never achieve it. I only achieve no eyelashes which I feel makes me look even uglier. I never really talked to anyone about it. When people do ask and I say "I pull them out, many times with tweezers" they just don't get it. Heck I don't even get it! As a child I would sit in the bathroom and stare at my eyes until I started doing it again. Not sure if it's related, but I would mess with the inner protective film on your lower eyelid and have been known to completely pull it off and have red puffy eyes. My mom would just give me a cold compact to put on my eyes. She never thought it was anything serious. She never thought anything wrong with us kids was much to warrant going t the dr. When I got married in 2010, I had to try so hard not to pull my eyelashes out because I wanted nice ones without having to wear fake eyelashes for my wedding. It has always bothered my husband. He used to say stuff to me all the time, but stopped for a while, until yesterday when he say how thin my eyebrows were and basically told me I was looking ugly because of it. He threw my tweezers away right then and there. Now only if he could throw my hands away, too because most of the time I just sit there pulling my eyebrow hairs or lashes out with my hands while I'm doing something else. I've tried to stop so many times and I'll do great for a few days, then I realize I am right back in front if the mirror. If I go to the bathroom ten times a day, I'm in front of that mirror ten times plucking. My biggest fear is that the lashes won't grow back one day. And mot because I wouldn't have anything to pluck anymore, I would still look ugly!!! It hurt worse than anything to have my husband say something like that to me.

..."I love the feeling, the little pluck, although it hurts, and sometimes I have pulled a few before I actually notice that I am doing it... I usually run to some mirror to do some damage control."...<br />
<br />
This quote explains the way I feel. I'm 42 years old and have been pulling out my eyelashes for 20 years. I didn't pull during grade school but when I got into college. It's is full blown habit that I'm able to control for months at a time but I always relapse. There are times when I feel a "sore" lash that seems like it wants to come out/shed. I'll pull it out then that triggers more pulling. It makes me SUPER insecure about my appearance. I've gotten into happen to wearing fake lashes to important events but using Latisse helps a great deal. The new lashes grow in much faster, thicker, longer so that is my incentive to not pull. My vanity and being so happy and secure with myself when I do have full lashes. Ugh... I'm so over this though... will power is sometimes just not enough. When I get into a rhythm of pulling, there is not stopping me.

I'm 17 and from what i remember i have always been picking my eyelashes out since probably the 4th grade. I remember I would lay in bed and pick cause I don't even know why I liked the feeling of pulling them out and I'd hold it to the light to see my eyelash. It's not bad and i dont do it much but I recently have been starting it again and I have bald spots on my eyelids I want to stop this I just don't know how to stop. I get urges when im stressed or even just bored. Help?

Thank you for sharing. I used to hold them up to the light too,and if there was no light i would tickle my lips with the lashes to feel thier length..I always have a thumbnail indent on my index finger from pulling.
Ive been to scared to try false lashes. I dont know how to use them and worry how obvious it would be to go from no lashes to long over night.

That's so funny you say that. I've struggled with trich since I was in 2nd grade...and I'm 23 now. I did that exact same thing in high school with my eyelash under the microscope. I also can relate very much so with when you wear makeup, you want to pull them out. I know in my case, that only happens if I'm wearing too much mascara so it clumps or if I leave it on overnight, the mascara will harden and it almost feels like the eyelash is loosening around the "pore" and so I pull it out. However, I found a mascara that has really worked for me - it's light enough that it doesn't clump at all and it actually promotes healthy eyelash growth. It's called "Lucious Growth" and I think it's by either Maybelline or Loreal. It should be in a green tube. Just take it off at night. Also, to help with the bald spots that oftentime occurs after a session of pulling, I use liquid eyeliner underneath my eyelid, not on top, just on the bald spot so then that spot is dark, along with the rest of my eyelashes and it evens out rather than pulling out the rest. I know all the tricks for being girly and dealing with trich ;) we're all in this together

I am 28 years old and I started pulling out my eyelashes at age 10. When I was around 20 years old I stared pulling my eyebrows out. I have never gotton help for it because it does not bother me that I do it. Im not ashamed and I don't wear fake eyelashes or color in my eyebrows.I hate sometimes that i cant wear eyeliner. I mean I could but it don't look right with my bald eyes. When people say something to me about it I tell them its my eyes and I will pull them if I want to. I love to pull with tweezers. I have never poked myself in the eye or got an eye infection.I think over the Yeats I have gotten so bad that if someone talks to me and they have bushy eyebrows or really long ones im sitting their the whole time thinking if I could just pull thoes eyebrows out. I understand what others are going through.

I've been pulling my eye lashes and eyebrows since I was around 8 years old. I'm 25 now and currently just pulled the last few I had, because I reached up and felt that they were uneven and also spaces. <br />
<br />
I really hate how I feel that I'm not in control of this disorder. I hate feeling like I'm lying and hiding from people with make up. I hate that every morning I have to take extra time to apply make up and make sure my eye brows are even. I hate that I can't go swimming under water or drive into a pool without being aware that my false eyebrows and eyelashes could wash off at anytime. I hate that I can't openly talk about this issue with people<br />
without feeling judged. I hate seeing mascara ads. :(<br />
<br />
I'm grateful for the Internet and everyone who shares their story. It really helps to not feel so alone. <br />

I always thought I was the only one who did this and I never thought it was an actual disease! I started pulling out my eyelashes when I was 12.. I'm 17 now. Whenever my mom notices my lashes are getting less she yells at me and sometimes punishes me.. She thinks it's the only way I'll stop. Whenever I do it I always make a vow that this will be the last time and that I'll never touch my eyelashes and eyebrows again, but It never works and I continue. Especially when I'm bored or studying or reading a book. I have beautiful blue eyes but without lashes they're not so beautiful anymore. I usually wear eyeliner so the bald parts don't show but It still doesn't look as nice. I just want to stop this habit and I don't know how to :s