I Have Trichotillomania

ive been having it since im was 14 years old and i am now about to be 17! ive been suffuring so much its been a real tuffs years especially at school ive always tried to cover it up it use to be jus a small little bald spot and now its half of my top head its really bad i try covering it with anything but it doesnt work! i hate it when people ask me hey did u get gum stuck in ur hair and had to cut it! and when i told my friends for the 1st time ever they looked at me like if i was crazy they didnt understand me they taught i was just plain crazy! i dont knwo what to do anymore ive tried everything!but nothing seems to work! im a very outgoing person im very nice not to brag but im very known in school lots of people know me and always talk about me and im scared that every1 finds out about that i dont know wat to do! i hate it i hate my hair! it might not seem like it but i think that really ruins my life!  

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3 Responses Apr 11, 2008

Try to keep yourself occupied so you don't have time to start plucking. I went completely bald because of it 3 years ago. My hair is still growing back because of What I've done.

How is it going for you now?

I went to see a therapist after i resorted to hats to cover up my shame, and i was prescribed some medication that helped. Not all therapists are familiar with the condition so make sure with a phone call or something that they know what they're on about.<br />
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