4 Months Pull Free!

Today, March 11, 2012, I am happily 4 month pull free. Today I noticed that the short hairs are almost to the length they won't stick straight up, but rather lay flat on my head just like the rest of my hair. Maybe that dream of being able to wear my hair down for the first time in 10 years will finally come true. :)
It's still an every day struggle to resist the urge to pull. But I am now fully aware of when I am touching my hair. I allow myself to play with my hair. And that's mostly what causes the urges. I play with the shorter ones. Twisting them around my fingers. My heart races when I do it because I want to pull them so badly and run it through my lips. I think my next step in this process is to just stop playing with my hair all together. And just completely be done with this.
One thing I have never mentioned in any of my posts before is, I pull from my pubic area as well. I know it's not something people want to know but maybe I could get some feed back on this subject. Because I still pull from there, but it's not like anyone sees there and I would shave there anyway. ... Ha sorry for the detail. I mean, I pluck my eyebrows to shape them too. Kinda the same ish? But my question is, should I continue to pull from there to get my "pull fix" or should I try to stop all together? Let me know what you think?
Casslav Casslav
1 Response Mar 11, 2012

First of all, congratulations on being pull-free for four months! :D That's VERY impressive and inspirational. <br />
Second, as long as you have an area to pull from that's private and unnoticeable, I'd say to go ahead. If I had the urge to pull from other areas other than my head, I definitely would. <br />
Buuut. If you're looking to rid yourself of Trich for good, then I'd say to try and stop pulling all together. The discipline it takes is extensive, but if you've been pull-free for FOUR MONTHS, I believe you can restrain yourself longer. As long as you have an area you're pulling from, I think you'll always have the urge. But, if you take everything away and have that void, eventually, I think, the more insistent urges will fade. <br />
I don't know you, but I'm extremely proud of you. <br />
You can do it! <3 <br />