It's Been Going On A Long Time

New here...I have pulled for at least 2o years, maybe more. Before I was pulling I had odd hair obsessions.when I was about 8 I shaved all the hair off my arms. In my teens I would obsess over my long hair, staring and picking at the split ends. Then it turned into hair pulling. I remember being surprised to find a bald spot behind my ear. Somehow, and I don't think consciously,I gave that up but replaced with pulling from my legs, pubic area, and chin. My legs are the worst. I can't even leave them alone when i'm driving. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a topical medicine, preferably over the counter, that will help the appearance on my legs? They are red and spotty. I have tried a product called high times bump stopper (made for men's shaving face bumps), maderma scar therapy and

Neosporin. I am too embarrassed to wear shorts but summer is coming. thank you for any help!

ocding ocding
41-45, F
Apr 18, 2012